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Everyone Even You Need ChatFellow

You are my family! I love everybody on the planet. Even the animals and the planet itself are my family. Maybe this letter that I sent to a friend recently, will help you to know more about me, and to understand what I do, what I want, and what YOU get!

All of my friends always say that my letters are way too long! And it's true, I'm very talkative. But don't worry, I only send responses like this when you've asked me something. I never send you letters unless you've asked me something. I never send anything to anyone. So you can rest easy, knowing that I will never send you anything, unless you ask.

Before I say another word, maybe you or somebody you know, is a parent, and I want to let parents know that it's possible for children to be nearly proficient in SPEAKING their own native language by the age of 5 or sooner! With rare exception. And WITHOUT learning to read and write. Amazing, right?! Hopefully they learn to read and write by the age of 8 or sooner. But they can be fully speaking by age 5 or sooner! That's amazing! And so, why shouldn't your student child be able to speak the foreign language they're learning in school, even BEFORE they learn to read and write in that language? AND... if your student child can speak the second language they're learning in school, their acquisition of the writing, reading skills, and entire language will be much more thorough, and their exam scores much higher.

And I'm NOT just speaking to parents, and students. This goes for elderly persons also. And adults of all ages! As an adult you usually CAN read and write, and so you have an advantage over a 3 year old child. You CAN read the languages you're learning. After a few months of learning the alphabet, and pronunciation, you can start reading the language. ALL languages! That's something a 3 year old child cannot do! You have the upper hand in many ways!

Now back to our conversation...

You are going to love this! We're not a charity, we're a for profit business but we were founded on charitable purposes. We love all 7 billion people on the planet! What we offer can make your life better. Before we give our free gift to you, we want to let everyone know that we're hiring, and looking for professionals or anyone who can make us more successful!

We also will gladly work with affiliate marketers who of course love a high dollar item, and we have franchise, partnership, work for yourself, freelancer, and work at home options as well. We do accept investors of every type. We love sharing services, advertising, or other arrangements with fellow education related companies and entrepreneurs.

We also do have advertising space, we love marketing for you if you have something our clients will love. We're also looking for bloggers, vloggers, writers, and more!

We pay top dollar!

And we're also constantly looking for good advertising space on blogs/vlogs or for any similar deals or options offered by bloggers/vloggers and advertisers etc.

And we love collaborating with any company or person or school etc who offers services similar to ours. Anyone who has any questions about these things or anything else, please contact us, see our contact information at the bottom of this letter!

And if there's anything I can do for you, it never hurts to ask! And yes we're global, our home office is in the USA but we also have offices in Asia and on every continent!

Excellent! Thank you for taking interest in my posts and sites! This is not an automated response, I actually do read your messages, and I actually do value your thoughts, and am thankful for your feedback, questions, suggestions, and anything else you do, need, want, contribute, and so on. I'm always here for you, and I appreciate that you're being there for me too! We're both giving all that we can. This world needs so much. ChatFellow is the name of my company and the tool that my company is giving to the world. To all 7 billion people on the planet. To help complete the awesome language education that the public and private schools have successfully provided. Either during school, or after school, even after graduation, or before graduation, we give the one thing that everybody learning languages is struggling with: Speaking ability.

You might not be interested in languages, everybody learns their own native language and usually schools offer students a second language education but upon graduation even the ones who WANTED to acquire a second language do NOT speak it when they graduate, no matter how hard they try, even the best students, with the best grades, the results are less than 3% of students speak the secondary languages they're taught, those 3% who do speak it are learning it at home because it's their parent's native language!

That might be considered cheating!

Zero percent of students can speak the second language they learned in school upon graduation (unless of course it's the NATIVE language of their parents, which would mean it's NOT a second language for them, maybe not their primary, first, or NATIVE language but it's their HOUSE language, lets leave it at that and let the schools and experts wrestle about it).
Bottom line, you probably can't speak the foreign language you learned in school. Or if you can, you developed it AFTER you graduated. And if you don't use it regularly, you already know what happens: you LOSE it. Very quickly in fact. In fact, you can lose your NATIVE language also!!! Watch that Tom Hanks movie, where he was stranded on the island, remember it took him a little while before he could speak fluently again. Imagine if he'd been on that island for any longer! Bottom line, you can't retain a second language without using it regularly forever. So either way, you didn't gain speaking ability, or you lost it, or are going to lose it.
Either way you're doomed!

How then, is it possible, for people to learn and speak multiple languages? Of course if you live in a country where everybody speaks multiple languages all around you, everyday, you're learning and using those languages. But lets say a European who speaks 5 languages because those are the native languages of his home country, he didn't just learn them in school, they're literally the languages spoken all around him everyday, what if now he wants to learn Chinese?

Well, I already showed you that the experts say this person has a ZERO percent chance of learning to speak if in school. You actually do acquire the skill to a certain extent, schools are still 100% necessary, we'll talk about that in a minute. But especially now that this person is an adult, with the ability to read in that language (which they DID master in school) now has a chance to become a PROFICIENT speaker.

But how?

AND... what if this person is going to stay in Europe, at home, and never actually use Chinese? Okay, I won't waste your time anymore, yes, we have a way!

First acquire a language, quickly, easily, just 3 minutes, just a few days per week, AND FOR FREE!

Secondly retain that language FOREVER.

How is this possible? Well, the schools come close. When they say nobody graduates able to speak, they mean fluently. Proficiently. Able to speak well. And in fact, they're talking about a BASIC level of ability. However, up to that point, up to the basic level, and below, most students probably are not completely helpless. Can students speak at least a few words in the language they learned in school? Yes, most can. They're almost there. They're almost to the basic level! They're just missing something. And they still have a chance to reach a PROFICIENT level even!

Here's why they can't, and why they can:

First of all, who wants to continue studying 3 hours everyday FOREVER even AFTER graduation? Nobody! So the first solution is to make it just 3 minutes, just 3 days per week. Done, ChatFellow did that.

Now, the second solution of course is to make it free. Done, ChatFellow did that. Now why are you not doing this then?

Well, there is a 3rd obstacle.

Not everybody thinks they need to speak Chinese, or English, or Spanish, or Hindi, or Swahili, and so on. Did you know that speaking a second language will add 7 years onto your life? Experts say it delays Alzheimer's by that much! And other brain diseases related to aging. Also it can give you more self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence, even energy! You probably don't need more of any of those things, right?

Not much of a benefit, right?

What about being cool, your friends and family will think and say that you're a genius. Right, just for speaking a second language people automatically naturally assume that you have a higher IQ than most people!
Here's why:

FACT: Less than 13% of people on the planet speak 3 languages!!! I'm not saying you should speak more than 2 languages. Because even if you only speak one other language, you're still smarter than a whopping 50% of the planet!!! You're a TOTAL GENIUS!!!

AND... if you're American, you're smarter than 80% of the country! That's sad, only 20% of Americans speak a second language! They could've delayed dementia by 7 years! Not really, not everybody gets brain diseases, but if you were told this could increase your chances of avoiding brain diseases for 7 more years, wouldn't you want that?

Because you never know if it'll happen, until it happens, and then it's too late to do this! Brain diseases don't happen to everyone, but they do happen! Just 3 minutes, just 3 days per week. Try it and see what happens.

I'm not saying you'll gain more friends. Get a higher paying job. Get accepted at Ivy League universities. Actually be a genius. Or actually live a long life. Or be more success. Or happier. Or have more energy. Or do better in school. Higher exam scores. Better life. I'm just saying that experts have said these are seemingly sometimes the result of learning a second language. Faster thinking, longer life, better health, better life, more friends, more opportunities, more control over your thoughts and emotions and life. A stronger, faster, longer living brain. These things are not guaranteed, these are just some things experts have mentioned they've noticed that these seemingly are some of the results of having a bilingual and multilingual brain.

And when I say it's easy, I'm comparing it to the workload you deal with at school. Usually you spend one hour, 5 days per week, studying a foreign language in school. Often more than 5 years of your life! With ChatFellow you're doing 3 minutes only, just 3 days per week only!

The ChatFellow scripts are ALWAYS at the ChatFellow website, and ALWAYS free FOREVER! Each week I update my free scripts, each week you get new scripts. Sometimes I don't update them, on those weeks simply re-read the script that's there. We're currently updating our computer systems to do a better job at updating the site. We're making some changes to bring you better features such as an audio version of the scripts, and so much more! Stay excited! Keep coming back each week for more scripts! If you have any questions, write me at Lets chat about anything! Contact me anytime! Remember, you can learn more about our scripts by reading our articles, we have more than a hundred new articles that we're uploading to the site right now, they'll show up on the article's list soon! Thank you for reading!

A little more about me:

I'm originally from the USA, born in Chicago, raised in various states across the USA, I've traveled the world, raised beautiful children, loved, laughed, cried. I'm loyal, happy, and successful. And happy we met! Truly!

Talk again soon!
-Ben :-D

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