5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Career
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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Career

By Ben Arnold
Podcast/Audio version by Ben Arnold

Updated February 25, 2022
Published December 12, 2019
Estimated reading time is 10 minutes.

Word count: 2,860

Audio/Podcast version (click here)


In this article I'm going to tell you how to turn your current career into the perfect career. The perfect happy ending, fairy tale lifestyle. You probably want the greatest career in the world, more money, less hours, fun people to work with, retire early. These are ALL possible! You can make your career a true life success story!

How can you turn your current career into the perfect career?

First, you can start living the dream by getting more from your paycheck. Obviously this would make anyone happy. Second you can move up the ladder. This might seem impossible but there are ways around the obstacles if you think outside the box. And believe it or not, there are ways that you can fire proof your career. So that you NEVER get fired. And yes, you can enjoy even the worst job. And last of all, you can retire early.

#1  Grow Your Paycheck
#2  Move Up the Ladder
#3  Never Get Fired
#4  Enjoy Your Career
#5  Retire Early

  *  *  *  *  *

#1 Grow Your Paycheck

  *  *  *  *  *

"[Because] asking for a raise is [usually] not an option." (2)

Here are some ways that you can grow your paycheck. Because obviously the boss isn't going to raise it to the amount that we would all like to see.

#1).  Talk to yourself.
#2).  Tell yourself to INVEST!
#3).  Tell Yourself you deserve MORE!
#4).   Find money in unusual places.

First of all, talk to yourself, whatever you want to do, something you want to believe is true, say it out loud and repeat. Write it down, read it many times during the day. And before going to bed. And when you wake up. Particularly talk about how you want to spend your money, or rather, how you want to -NOT- spend your money. This mantra will come to life. Because "adopting a personal belief we want to live by—even if we invent it ourselves—makes us feel guilty if we don't abide by it." (1)

You'll naturally start to want to do it.

This will help you to stop spending money on things that are costing you money and start spending money on things that will put even more money int your pocket.

Mantras work! Is there something you spend money on that you know you shouldn't? Say it out loud. And repeat. What did you say? Write down what you said. Read it many times during the day. Before bed. When you wake up. And you'll start to live it. Stop spending money. Start investing it instead.


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Investing Turns a Saved Penny Into a Dollar

Here's an important thing you should say out loud to yourself everyday: "Don't save your money invest your money. Don't spend your money on anything spend it on investments." Personally, I don't like the word "save" anymore than you do! It's true that it's literally "PAINFUL to put our hard-earned cash into our savings accounts each month." (3)

You should still save your money in a savings account if you don't yet know where to spend it. Save it for the purpose of investing it. For this reason savings accounts are still a great asset. But remember that your money in your savings account NEEDS to be invested as soon as you know which investments are good investments.

When You Put Your Money Into Savings You LITERALLY Feel Pain.

But it's NOT painful if you tell yourself that you're NOT saving your money, you're INVESTING it. The reason you should put money in your savings account is to keep it safe until you've found the right investment.

Yes, putting money into savings seems bad, like burying it in the ground, so that you can't use it, and it's not growing, it's just sitting there being wasted, doing nothing.

But NOW you're HAPPY to put your money into savings. Because you're actually going to invest it, not save it. You NOW realize that by saving your money for the purpose of INVESTING it you're not burying it in the ground but are GROWING it into even MORE money!

Secondly, tell yourself that you deserve MORE in return for your money! Instead of what you normally buy, instead of what you normally do with your money, instead of simply saving it. You deserve more for your money! For example, "Do you deserve this $40 candle, $25 dinner, $150 pair of sneakers, or do you deserve more?" (1)

Yes! You deserve more! When you spend money, get a Lamborghini, not a pair of shoes!!!

Yes! You deserve a Lamborghini or Porsche! Yes! You deserve to retire in a mansion, or mega-yacht! To own your own private jet! Why spend your money on anything less? A pizza. A candle. You deserve more! Tell yourself that out loud, the next time you're tempted to spend money. Keep your money! Whenever you keep your money in the bank, don't refer to it as "savings" instead refer to it as "reserving it for an investment." And research investments. Look around. Investments are everywhere! In fact, your bank has investment advisors eager to advise you!


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Never spend YOUR money on anything. Let your investments pay for everything. Use the money that your investments produce, to buy everything you want in life. Food, cars, houses, watches, perfume, clothing, pets, swimming pools, travel, everything! You don't need to pay for anything. Make the investments your servant. Don't be the servant. Don't let money be your master. You be the master. Make your investments pay for everything.

Another great option for investing, is "Target-date" funds. They "diversify based on your age." Which means they'll be more aggressive and try to get more money for you when you're younger and then as you age they'll become more conservative and safer. "For example, if you want to retire in 30 years, a good target-date fund would be the Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 Fund (VFIFX), since 2050 will be close to the year you’ll retire." (3)

Literally GROW your paycheck with additional revenue streams:

Another way to multiply your paycheck is to find money in unusual places: Instead of asking for a raise, you can "negotiate your health insurance costs with your boss. Have your boss increase the amount he/she covers." (2)

Now you have money coming into your pocket by other avenues. Not just your regular paycheck. Now you have more money which is going directly to your healthcare costs. And you can do the same for many other benefits that your employer can cover.

Ask for an increase in your other benefits also (501K is just one of a plethora of options).

There are many services and investment options that allow your employer to pay into those investments. And many of them are "tax optimized" which means that the government allows tax deferment and tax reduction for many different types of investments especially retirement, education, and healthcare related investments; and also it's a fact that even just pure dividends from regular investments have always been taxed much less than income as a rule of law.

For example you can have your employer automatically put some of your paycheck in a "Roth IRA" which is for "retirement and allows for incredible growth and savings. AWESOME! As of 2019, you can contribute up to $6,000 per year into an IRA account. And withdraw it tax free when you retire!" (3)

When asking your boss for more, always tell your boss that it's because you love your job, and that this is proof that you're preparing to be there long term.

Don't believe the following myth:

Most people will tell you that you need to EARN it. That's simply not true. Even your employer might tell you that you need to EARN it. And deny you any increases. Do you need to earn it? NO. You DON'T need to earn anything!

You have ALREADY earned it!

You already earned it by the days, weeks, months, and years that you've already worked. Certainly your company is making enough money to pay you more. Otherwise, if they don't have the money, you should be asking why, because you should be worried about the future of that company, not just your own job. Your job can be the greatest in the world but when the company collapses all the jobs vanish. If that company is successful, they'll have the money, and you've already earned it. Maybe your company doesn't value you. This is a great opportunity to find out. Because if your company doesn't value you, you need to know it, and change it.


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Ask Your Boss for More

The vice president of Adecco USA (a company which among its many clients and services it offers also provides recruits for and staffs the famous world class chef training and selection ordeal that you might recognize as the famous TV show Hell’s Kitchen) said “even though it’s the most uncomfortable thing to do, to sit across from a superior and have a conversation around compensation, it’s important." And "Don’t give up on the first no." Ask the employer what will change his/her mind, and if he/she says time is needed, when you should come back and ask him/her again. Even if he/she won't admit it, every employer wants to talk to you about your performance and your future with the company, and doesn't want to lose you. (2)

"If you don’t ask, you don’t get. The worst they can do is say no. Nobody else is going to advocate for you. You’ve got to be your No. 1 supporter." (2)

In conclusion, when you have money coming into your pocket, instead of going out of your pocket, especially if it's coming in from your investments, you can now buy anything you want, big or small. "Now, each time you want to spend money on [something], you KNOW you have the money." (3)

  *  *  *  *  *

#2 Move Up the Ladder

  *  *  *  *  *

It Pays To Be In Management and Higher

Why would you want to climb the ladder at work? Answer: "People in charge of an organization not only make more money, but they also have happier family lives, are more satisfied with their work, and worry less about their financial futures, according to a 2014 Pew Research report. Those in the top levels consider their employment a “career,” not just a job that pays the bills."

What About the Competition?

Want to stay at your job? Want a raise? Want to climb the ladder? Worried about the competition? The next time you worry about the competition, realize the competition is dying: Yes, it's a fact that "91% of millennials plan to stay at one employer for less than three years." (4)

5 Types of Climbers:

#1 Those who don't want to climb.    (FAIL)
#2 Those who secretly want to climb. (FAIL)
#3 Those who work with their boss.   (SUCCESS)
#4 Those who climb by mistake.       (FAIL)
#5 Those who climb too aggressively. (FAIL)

Most people don't want to climb the ladder anyhow. There goes half your competition out the door. They're actually NOT going out the door and are in fact going to stay at the company forever, but are NEVER going to move up in position. Because they don't want it. They're content where they are. If you want promoted you can't be that way. You must be more than simply interested, you must be animated, excited, active. Many people do want to be promoted but do nothing. "They just do their jobs, while secretly hoping that they would get promoted one day. It rarely works like this." You must speak up, get involved, communicate with your leaders and the team and everyone around you. But also don't place too much focus on advancement. Don't over-do it. Many people who fail to climb the ladder "acted too aggressively – putting the bulk of their emphasis only on opportunities where they believed they could get promoted." (5)

Communication is EVERYTHING!

You must communicate with your leaders and the team and everyone around you. Ask your leaders what you need to do to rise to the next level. Try to get their help. Let them help you. Work with them. And then do it. Learn. Stay excited. Grow. "To get noticed and be ready to take advantage, you have to position yourself as someone who wants to grow within the company. Communicating your ambition to management will allow you to be considered when an opportunity comes up." (4)

Open Your Mouth

If there's one thing I've learned after nearly 50 years of life, it's that you MUST toot your own horn if you want to survive. I'm not even talking about getting ahead, I'm talking about NOT getting thrown away, or thrown to the wolves. Mere survival requires that you tell people what you've done. Even in marriage I've discovered this, especially as a man, that if you don't tell your spouse, your partner, your boss, your co-workers, your friends, what you've done... they will NEVER know what you've done.

"It’s crucial to be considerate when communicating with others, but that doesn’t mean you have to skirt around subjects or not say what you really mean. Growing in a company requires clear communication—with your boss, your team, and your co-workers." (4)


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"Ask your [boss] about how you can align your work with the direction in which the company is traveling. When your goals are aligned with your company’s goals – your efforts will directly contribute to the company’s direction, and the results will be stronger and more effective." (5)

It's a frightening fact that you'll be perceived as lazy, incompetent, useless, and worse, if you don't open your mouth and tell people the truth. Bosses and others can't possibly know what they can't see. They can't possibly know what they don't know. Husbands often encounter this problem with their wives, according to thousands of similar statements by husband, experts, and doctors etc on TV, in the news, magazines, psychology books, and more. This lack of telepathy. Wives are often shocked, offended, grief stricken when she discovers that nobody knew it was her birthday. That her husband didn't know it was their anniversary. And that he didn't know she wanted to go on a trip to Paris, France. He thought she wanted to go to Peru in South America. Nobody ever told him that she wanted to go to Paris, France. Why didn't she tell him? Why didn't anybody tell him?

"The benefit of keeping a record of your achievements, is that you can present this to your current (or future) boss, enabling them to easily and clearly see what you have accomplished." (5)

If you want to excel in life, in your relationships, in your career, learn to open your mouth. When you take the trash out, tell somebody. When you wash the dishes, tell somebody. When you save somebody's life, for heaven's sake tell somebody! When you put out a fire and save the building, tell somebody! When you save the company, tell somebody! Otherwise, you'll be fired the very next day. Because they don't know you're a hero. They don't know they owe their lives to you. They don't know you deserve a raise.


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I've met many veterans who have now learned this fact. Many decades ago, veterans wondered why nobody cared about them. Today, thanks to media and a long list of wars, we now know about our veterans. And veterans are not shy anymore. It's okay now for veterans to shout that they're a veteran. And they're getting much more attention, more benefits.

The reason that most homeless people are veterans**, is because most people don't know that most homeless people are veterans. If more people knew that most homeless people are veterans, those homeless people will get a lot more respect, help, attention, love, benefits, rehabilitation or simply the charity they need and deserve. When the media started saying something, more charity started to happen. More mini-houses and mini-house towns started being built all around the nation. Many more good Samaritans started coming out of the shadows and helping. (10)(11)

**According to the VA in 2011, veterans made up 14% of homeless adult males, and 2% of homeless adult females. The overall count in 2012 showed 62,619 homeless veterans in the United States. In 2018 to 2019 it had improved and was only 12% percent. A massive improvement. But Kathryn Monet, executive director of the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, said “I think we could be going farther than where we are now.” Leaders from VA and HUD praised those [statistics] as a sign that the federal government’s efforts on the issue remain on track, after a worrisome rise in the homeless veterans population from 2016 to 2017. (7)(8)(9)

More praise can come your way. More benefits. More raises. More promotions. More perks. And security. Open your mouth. You might not be a veteran, but you're definitely doing your job. Let everybody know that you're doing your job. True story: People might not know you're doing your job and accuse you of slacking or worse. Unfortunately our work doesn't always speak for itself. Contrary to what we'd like to think. Most people are NOT telepathic. Most people are slightly blind sighted. Welcome to reality. Now open your mouth!

And that's why people get promoted by mistake. Because the boss isn't telepathic. If nobody tells the boss that he/she just promoted the worst person in the company, how will the boss know that? Communication is so important for so many reasons. To make sure the right person gets promoted and to make sure the bad people are kept out of positions of power. Many times when a leader runs a company into the ground, it's later discovered that everybody knew that would happen before it happened. Because they knew something about that leader that they didn't tell anybody until it was too late.

You must be a doer, of your job, not just a climber.

Don't forget to do your job when you're climbing! "When a person’s eyes are on the ultimate result only (to be at the ‘highest point’ in their career), they tend to neglect important things like: personal growth, skills development and cooperation with other people. Not only do they neglect these things, but they fail to realize that these things are actually essentials for rising high and attaining recognition." (5)

"Volunteer for Extra Work. Look for ways to make your superior’s job easier. Employees who help their bosses stand out become visible to other supervisors who may have opportunities as well." (6)

But don't do too much! It's true that doing your job won't be enough. You must do a little more, each time. But don't do too much. Because obviously as you stretch beyond your normal abilities you'll be "opening yourself up to more possibilities for failures and mistakes." But you'll be learning from your mistakes and growing. "If all you do is the work given to you – then you will fail to impress your management team." The best way to stretch is to always be learning more and apply what you've learned. (5)

Roll With the Punches

What happens when your company gets axed or collapses?

It pays to be climbing. Or in other words you're a high achieving member of the team. Successful small companies can become acquisition targets for larger competitors. If their efforts are successful, the acquirer typically cuts redundant staff and replaces poor and average performers with their own people. If you're one of the high achievers they're more likely to keep you." (6)

Even if you lose your job, certainly you gained some good things: Connections, hard lessons, things which will prepare you for your next job, and for life, and so on. Always be evaluating what you're gaining, not what you're losing, when you're working for many years at a job, keep a list. Because that list will be what goes on your resume. That list will be what tells you which career (or position) is right for you. Because every year that passes, the type of career that you fit, improves. As you improve, the type of career (or position) that fits you best also improves.

Yes, you might not be looking at a new career, maybe you're not fired and you're still at the same career and are just talking about moving up to new positions within that same company. Career advancement has more to do with advancing inside a company rather than changing companies. But companies collapse sometimes, and layoffs happen, and firings. Always be prepared with a plan B and sometimes plan B is even better than plan A.

You're not being disloyal by having a plan B. You can be certain that everybody at your company, even your boss, even the owner, all have a plan B. Don't be the only person caught without a lifeboat.

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