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Dear friend, fan, client, partner, team, family, and everybody else...

You deserve money more than I do. Because I wouldn't have any clients if it wasn't for you. Everyone telling their friends about ChatFellow, that's how I became successful with this company.

Because you cared about your friends.

This is the easiest way to make money, on the planet. Because all you do is send me their e-mail address, and you're done! That's it! If you told anybody about ChatFellow, simply send me their e-mail address. That's it!

I never contact them with that email address until AFTER they become a member. I never give that email address to anybody! Only me! I never use their e-mail address for anything other than recognizing that they're the person you told about ChatFellow.

I use their e-mail address like a name. I put that name on a list, right beside yours! Whenever a person gets membership I look at the list to see if they're one of the people you told about ChatFellow. Those are your people. Whenever I see one of your
people get a membership, I send you 50% of the profit!

Here is where you can send it:

It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but eventually everybody might get a membership. And you'll receive a notice from me, by e-mail, that you can take to your bank, or any other methods shown on the notice, to receive your money.

New members pay $189 and so you're getting almost $100 dollars! For each person you told! Imagine if you told 10 people about ChatFellow and they eventually became members... that's nearly $1,000 in your pocket!

But it doesn't end there! If that person does the same thing you did, bringing their friends to ChatFellow, I'll give you a percentage of profits from those people also!

Your friend = $100 (almost that much).
Then your friend tells their friends...
Your friend's friend = You get more money!
Your friend's friend's friend
= You get more money!
Your friend's friend's friend's friend
= You get more money! And it goes on and on and on, forever! Because your friends, and their friends, etc, are probably going to continue telling more and more people! That's more and more money in your pocket! Forever!

And so, you will possibly start getting EVEN MORE money because of their efforts also! AND the efforts of their friends, and their friends, and their friends!!! And this could go on, and on, forever! You could keep getting money forever! Because if their friends do this, you get a percentage of the profit from the friends of your friend's friends! And so on!

This goes on for several generations. And so you could possibly get rich. And all you did was send me the e-mails of your friends. And it doesn't need to be your friends, it could be anyone you told. You are free to advertise, market, do whatever you think will get the word out about ChatFellow and to get the e-mail address of the people you told.

Their privacy is safe with me, because I don't use their e-mail address for anything other than identifying them when they become a member, so that you can get the credit. I never use their e-mail to contact them. I never give their e-mail to anybody else. Only me.

Common Questions:

What if they have more than one e-mail address. For example they use a different email when they become a member. The answer is that this is a very real risk, and so, if you want to collect a little more information such as their name, that is up to you. It's perfectly okay to ask somebody their name, their age, etc.

But NEVER ask for their bank information, home address, and similarly sensitive and personal information. Their name and age is sufficient enough.

However, in most cases, unless they use a different email address when joining, we'll be able to accurately recognize them as the person you told about ChatFellow.

Another way you can ensure that there are no mistakes, you can take the initiative to discuss this issue with them, and verify with them that they use the same e-mail address when registering for membership.

They are welcome to change their e-mail address afterwards, at any time. It's just important that when they first register, that they give us the same e-mail address that they gave you, because it identifies them as the person you told about ChatFellow. So that you'll get the credit you deserve.

For how many generations do you get paid? For example, a friend of a friend of a friend, is 3 generations. Do you get paid for 5 generations? And 10 generations? The cap is at 5 generations. Which means that you'll get paid for anyone you tell about ChatFellow. And you'll get paid if that person tells their friends. And if their friends tell their friends. And so on. Up to the 5th generation.

5th Generation:

Friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend.

The reason you might still continue getting paid forever, is because any of those people within those
5 generations might continue to tell people about ChatFellow. And so you would continue getting money, for any of the efforts of those people within those 5 generations.

How much money do you get for each generation? There is no guaranteed set amount, because it's open to change. But it will be something. And it will be reasonable. To satisfy the law, ethics, our commitment to our clients and customers and company and success, honor and dignity, and so on. We'll undoubtedly follow basically the same concept and figures as most typical companies who have similar affiliate, MLM type payout structures.

Each month, or quarter (every 3 months roughly), or annually, you'll receive a statement detailing and explaining all the actual numbers, and everything else, if you've received enough money for it to be taxable or whatever is according to law. And of course it's applicable primarily or only to the laws of the location in which you operate, or whichever areas are determined by law.

Can we pay you through services such as PayPal, or payments made by regular mail, sent to your door? Or bank transfers/wires, etc? The answer is that we
NEVER want to know a person's location. We NEVER want the physical address/location of anybody. Only e-mail address. And we NEVER want a person's bank information. And so we prefer using services like PayPal and so on. We'll send YOU the letter that has OUR information on it, for you to show to your bank. NOT the other way around. You NEVER give us any information. Your safety is our priority. And we always obey the law. And are ethical.

If you have anymore questions, please contact us at

Thank you for caring about your ability to communicate with the world! And for caring about others!


You're AWESOME!!!
"I'm happy to be your friend!"

Contact me anytime!"
-CEO Ben Arnold and Team
(Contact & Chat Box)

THANK YOU so much!!!
Please visit DAILY!!!
BEST friends forever!!! 

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