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(1).   Addressing-the-learning-crisis-advocacy-brief-2020.pdf
Says "An estimated 53 per cent of children in low- and middle-income countries cannot read proficiently by age 10." and "On average, in low income countries, 46 per cent of the resources went to the top 10 per cent of students with the highest levels of education. In lower middle-income countries, the percentage was 26 per cent. These figures demonstrated that children from the wealthiest households were disproportionately favoured since they were the ones heavily represented among those with highest levels of education.vii"

).   Language costs – Language on the Move
Says "The cost of raising two children bilingually in English and German in Denver, Colorado, USA, costs USD 254,000 dollars" and "South Korea roughly 40% of that country’s public education budget (est USD 12 billion dollars) went towards English language education." and "A national annual investment of around USD 12 billion for foreign language learning is HUGE! Now add to that an additional private investment of KRW 1.5 trillion (around USD 13 billion). A nation of less than 50 million inhabitants spending USD 25 billion per annum on English language learning is an average expenditure of more than USD500 per person per year on English language learning. Wow!" and "the U.S. economy saves $19 billion p.a. by not needing to spend time and effort in formal schooling on learning foreign languages."

).   Parents spend USD44,221 on their child’s education
Says "From USD8,000 to USD200,000 depending on location and whether provision is state or privately funded." and "87% of parents around the world are helping to fund their child’s education" and "Hong Kong (USD132,161), followed by the UAE (USD99,378) and Singapore (USD70,939), contribute the most." and "Parents across the world... personal, lifestyle and financial sacrifices... forfeiting ‘me time’... reducing leisure activities... going the extra mile to help their child succeed." and "The importance of a postgraduate degree to their future job prospects is even more widely recognised among parents in mainland China (91%), Indonesia (91%) and Mexico (90%)." and "In France, only 36% of parents feel confident their child will get a great job." and "In nine of the 15 countries surveyed, paying for their child’s education is most likely to be parents’ biggest financial commitment, above others such as mortgage/rent payments and household bills."

).   Parents spend Rs 43,000 a year on child’s education
Says "India city households spend an average of Rs 29,000 to Rs 43,000 per child annually." and "on top of that they spend an additional Rs 10,000 to Rs 16,000 annually on after-school eductaion" and "many high-end schools are increasing fees, international schools charge more than RS 1 lakh per month, and including miscelleneous costs if a parent is already spending Rs 12 lakh per year on one child, imagine the financial burden for those parents who have multiple children!"

).   How Much Will Parents Invest In Their Kids' Education? "All
Bets Are Off"
Says "70% of parents said it's worth going into debt for their children’s education." and that "it's a good investment."

).   Parents’ Spending on Education Boomed During the Pandemic.
Here’s Why - Market Brief
Says "Families spent an estimated $232 billion on private schools and education-related activities" and "home schooling or learning pods accounted for $70 billion" and "higher-income families spent more than $500 per month. And almost a third of high-income families said they spent more than $2,000 per month."

).   Average Cost per Credit Hour & College Class: 2023 Data
Says "Most college courses are worth 3 credit hours, meaning one college class typically costs $1,170 dollars."

).   College Cost Per Credit Hour | BestColleges
Says "college tuition per credit hour is $456 dollars and Four-year private nonprofit colleges charge $1,200 per credit hour" and "online college costs $516 per credit hour."

).   Do you have a spare £66,000? Then learn Mandarin! Interactive map reveals the cost of mastering the world’s top 20 languages
Says "Mandarin costs £66,000 pounds, Arabic costs £62,000 pounds, Japanese costs £52,800 pounds, Spanish costs £13,200 pounds, Indian (Telugu) costs £9,900" and "French takes 550 hours, Indian (Telugu) takes 1,100 hours"

).   Is the Average Cost High for Language Lessons? | OptiLingo
Says "learning Mandarin could be as high as $80,000 dollars" and "French or Spanish would take roughly 600 hours... Mandarin 2,200 hours."

(11).   Schools Tuition For Foreign Languages and Literatures Program
Says "The average tuition & fees of the Foreign Languages and Literatures program at those schools are $8,680 for state residents and $27,640 for out-of-state students" and "Bachelor's Degree $33,795 dollars, Master's Degree $48,799 dollars"

).   Learn a Foreign Language: How Much Does it Really Cost?
Says "online classes $100 to $500 dollars, private tutoring $20 to $70 dollars, classes $100 to $150 dollars, programs FREE to $450 dollars, Rosetta Stone $229 dollars, study abroad language immersion $2,200 to $7,500 dollars, says Jessica Korteman from Notes of Nomads. “If I was to give an estimate of a month-long stay in Tokyo, I’d give the ballpark figure of 300,000 yen, or very roughly, $3,000 plus airfare to/from your home country. This figure includes enrollment at a reputable institution (around 100,000 yen or $1000), accommodations (around 50,000 yen or $500 for a room in a share house), visa/insurance (15,000 yen or $150), food/living expenses (around 70,000 yen or $700), sightseeing/leisure (around 50,000 yen or $500) and miscellaneous costs, such as SIM/data (around 15,000 yen or $150)."

).   How Much Do Language Lessons Cost - TruFluency
TruFluency says "fluency can be attained at the cost of a minimum of four hours per week, which is approximately $400 to $800 per month!"

(14).   Student' unwillingness to speak in EFL calssroom from cultural perspective.pdf
Says "it is essential for every classroom to spend time on individuals' speaking performance and oral communication." and "As Mirhassani and Ghaemi (2007) stated, knowing grammatical and semantic rules, by themselves, is inadequate and learners should be aware of patterns of second or foreign language use as well as paralinguistic and nonlinguistic elements"

(15).   Most language students unable to do more than understand basic phrases | Languages | The Guardian
Says "eight out of 10 who have studied the most popular languages at school – including French and German – saying they can do no more than understand basic phrases." and "more than four in ten students of Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese say they would even “have difficulty understanding, speaking or writing anything”, and for Mandarin students almost half have not progressed beyond this level." and "teachers to give students “chunks” of language that allow them to pass exams but does not help them in real situations"

(16).   97% engineering graduates cannot speak English fluently: Survey - Hindustan Times
Says "51% of them are not employable based on their spoken English scores" and "Only 6.8% engineers show ability to speak or respond spontaneously" and "English skills which are missing right from school are not tested nor honed." and "“Recruiters and HR managers around the world report that candidates with English skills above the local average stand out from the crowd and garner 30-50% higher salaries than similarly-qualified candidates without English skills."

(17).   Why Learning a Foreign Language in School Doesn’t Work (and How to Make it Work) - Luca Lampariello
Says "after years of study, most of these same people cannot string together even the simplest of sentences" and "learning a foreign language in school lacks a number of elements which I believe are essential to successful language learning" and in the comments section of that article a commentor said, "Sadly the reality in [most countries] is that all “school” study opportunities are solely directed towards passing a test. I do have students with that intrinsic desire to progress further, but again sadly, this is far from the normal."

(18).   Why can’t Chinese graduates speak good English? Blame the teaching methods | South China Morning Post
Says "language proficiency will only improve when teachers look past rote memorisation" and "College graduation calls for CET (College English Test) level 4 or 6 standards. But employers complain that few graduates are prepared even for the simple tasks of writing or responding to an English email or answering business phone calls, much less conducting trade negotiations with foreign clients. There is talk of dropping [foreign language learning] from the required curriculum in some jurisdictions."

(19).   English teachers cannot speak English well. Is that acceptable? | ResearchGate
Says "I have observed that some BA students are good at written English exams, but their speaking skill is still poor. They graduate from BA English program and become English teachers at primary and secondary schools without being able to speak English well."

(20).   9 Reasons Why You Should Not Learn Foreign Languages?
Says "Less than 5% who have accomplished any meaningful high proficiency level, a prerequisite for a high-paying employment opening." and "Most people cannot spend 50 hours every month for the next three to five years to achieve higher competency." and "language learning is a money-consuming machine... you cannot learn a language without spending [a lot of money]." and "Access to the various resources necessary for language learning is often difficult to obtain." and "Even with the proper resources, it usually takes 2 to 5 years to achieve the advanced level in any foreign tongue."

(21).   Learning a foreign language a ‘must’ in Europe, not so in America | Pew Research Center
Says "Of those who know a second language, 43% said they can speak that language “very well.” Within this subset of multilinguals who are well-versed in a non-English language, 89% acquired these skills in the childhood home, compared with 7% citing school as their main setting for language acquisition."

(22).   Are people who speak foreign languages at an advantage in the labour market? An analysis of British Cohort Study data
Says "Almost two thirds (64%) of employers were not satisfied with the language skills of school and college leavers whilst more than half (55%) were not satisfied with the language skills of university graduates." And "Irrespective of how language proficiency is understood or measured, it is clear that Britons have amongst the worst language skills in Europe"

(23).   Can’t Speak a Foreign Language? Why Speaking is So Hard – Speak to learn English
Says "When I was in language school, we had to take a proficiency test before graduation. Almost everyone scored lower on the speaking portion than on the reading and listening portions."

(24).   The Numbers Speak: Foreign Language Requirements Are a Waste of Time and Money - Econlib
Says "Grim findings: Only 2% of graduates obtain foreign language competence in school." and one commenter added "Only 1,075 students (out of 4 million) scored a 5 on the AP French test (excluding students who learned French in French-speaking countries or homes)" see following reference:
And "I learned passable Mandarin in six months. Of course, I did it in Beijing, where I [had no choice if I wanted to be able to find the] toilet, eat, buy groceries, etc. By all accounts, “total immersion” is the only way to actually make someone fluent in a language, unless one happens to be a super-driven language nerd (which I am definitely not)." Another commenter said: "Second language learning is not simply about “second language learning.” Research shows that the study of a second language, even at a very low level, actually alters the structure of the learner’s brain:
According to recent studies, “Being bilingual may delay Alzheimer’s and boost brain power.” ( “Another study of bilingual people carried out by Judith Kroll, a psychologist at Penn State University, supported the idea that speaking more than one language keeps the brain in shape and bolsters mental function. She found that bilingual speakers could outperform single-language speakers in mental tasks such as editing out irrelevant information and focusing on important details. Bilinguals were also better at prioritising and multi-tasking, she said.” Besides the fact that studying other languages helps one improve knowledge of ENGLISH grammar and vocabulary, it also increases brain function. And if you’re lucky, you might actually learn a second language."
And another commentor said: "I am a French language teacher and have been speaking French all my life, thanks to my British mother. I have watched as students and schools have shifted their language focus to Spanish and Chinese – but am delighted that more languages enter the fold. This author is missing the point. Foreign Language, and that would include English which is foreign to some, is COMMUNICATION….it is not optional to communicate. I also teach soft skills, etiquette and other less important courses. Foreign languages are essential to understanding PEOPLE and CULTURES and GEOGRAPHY and putting context into HISTORY. I teach my course through a Humanties formula and my classes are always full. It’s about the teacher, the method and COMMUNICATING. I speak two languages fluently, but i can say 10 words in 6 languages…..and am never afraid to meet people from other countries who speak differently from myself. Languages teach one tolerance and flexibility.



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