For You and Everyone

Dear fans, new visitors, long time members, and the whole world, You are my family! I love everybody on the planet. Even the animals and the planet itself are my family. Maybe this letter that I sent to a friend recently, will help you to know more about me, and to understand what I do, what I want, and what YOU get! All of my friends always say that my letters are way too long! And it's true, I'm very talkative. But don't worry, I only send responses like this when you've asked me something. I never send you letters unless you've asked me something. I never send anything to anyone. So you can rest easy, knowing that I will never send you anything, unless you ask. Before I say another word, maybe you or somebody you know, is a parent, and I want to let parents know that it's possible for children to be nearly proficient in SPEAKING their own native language by the age of 5 or sooner! With rare exception. And WITHOUT learning to read and write. Amazing,