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These are the world's top 15 dominant languages! English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, and more! Everybody on the planet speaks one of these languages. These are SPEAKING practice SCRIPTS! And I replace these scripts each week with fresh new scripts!

There are 7 scripts here! One for each day of the week! Enjoy! Come back EVERYDAY!!! Right here! ALWAYS FREE!!! They're YOURS! These 365 sessions (in 15 different languages) are priceless!!!

If you went somewhere else you would be paying up to $2,000 (US Dollar equivalent) or even more and just for "ONE" language! I'm giving you 15 languages for FREE!!!

Don't believe me?

Then look at this list of my fellow industry experts who provide similar but EXPENSIVE (and equally amazing) language improvement services (click here) which I totally recommend to anybody who wants to spend money (click here). If you don't want to spend money, OR EVEN IF YOU DO, you'll love ChatFellow just as much as you would love ANY OF THOSE OTHER PROGRAMS. In fact I'd recommend BOTH!!! But if you love FREE things... STAY HERE!!!

ChatFellow helps you with SPEAKING skills only. To learn grammar and everything else you'll need one of those OTHER PROGRAMS. But in the end, with those other programs, you'll NEED to come back to ChatFellow. Because most OTHER PROGRAMS even SCHOOL and UNIVERSITY doesn't put as much emphasis on the SPEAKING part.

Maybe YOU or your child, or student, or friend has already taken courses in school, or institute, or tutoring, or online programs, or other programs and witnessed this TRAGIC FACT firsthand. Horrible!!!

After doing those other courses, and 10 years in school, or even just a few months, or even if you're a beginner... NOW you just want to SPEAK it! Well... ChatFellow is one of the BEST and focuses ENTIRELY on the SPEAKING part and is one of the few programs that is FREE! AND... takes ONLY
1-Minute per day!!!  Or just do 3 times per week (that's just 3 minutes per week)!!!

Yes, to use ChatFellow obviously you need to know how to read, at least at a basic level. You'll find out for yourself when you first try using ChatFellow. Because ChatFellow is a 1-Minute Script that you READ everyday. It's that simple! Yet our scripts are scientifically designed to bypass YOU and go straight to your BRAIN, communicating with your BRAIN instead of YOU, teaching your BRAIN directly.

And I'm giving you another 365 sessions every year for the rest of your life (120+ years)! You do the math, that's a lot of money I'm giving you for FREE!!! 

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Come here everyday! Or at least 3 times per week! Now, it's time! SPEAK your favorite languages right now! Do just 1-Minute per language. Don't worry, it's easy, each script takes only 1-Minute to read! Then come back the next day and do another script!

You're basically speaking that language!!! Several days per week!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! And you truly are your BEST conversation partner! NEVER STOP!!! REGRET is forever! In a few years from now you'll be able to say you've been speaking the language for several years, five years, then ten years, and so on!!!

OR... like most people you'll have to say you've NEVER spoken the language. You are NOT fluent. You DON'T know the language. You CAN'T speak the language. How AWFUL!!! DON'T let that happen to YOU or your child, your your students, your friends, your loved ones!!! Start right now!!! Do this everyday!!!

Yes, TEACHERS can give this to your STUDENTS, on graduation day, then all those 10 years they spent in school are NOT wasted!!! Within just 2 weeks to 2 months*** they'll be fluent!!!

*** Of course there is always somebody who is the exception, in our experience the majority of persons who do our program experience dramatic results, and the promised results, and we base our claims on scientific evidence which can be seen in our disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Most people experience dramatic results within 3 days.*** And become fluent within 2 weeks to 2 months!!!*** Test it out, try it, see if you will gets fantastic results! Prove it to yourself whether this works or not. You'll never know until you try it. Do it!!!
Here are your ChatFellow Scripts:














Coming soon:


And more!!!

 You're AWESOME!!!
"I'm happy to be your friend!"

Contact me anytime!"
-CEO Ben Arnold and Team
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*Disclaimer: These results are not guaranteed, there are always exceptions, but the grand majority of our clients should expect to see many of these results or improvement in these areas or possible opportunities open up to you in these areas. You'll never know until you try; but please do so with caution, always consult a professional first. Anywhere that you see an asterisk "*" on this page means that this WARNING & DISCLAIMER applies to that statement. Our claims are based on our own experiences in classrooms with our own students, universities, institutes, and private tutoring with students of all ages, globally (including New York, USA). And also are based on scientific research which we reference in our full disclaimer and in many of our materials, articles, e-books, etc, repeatedly. Or in other words we are quoting scientists, experts, and other sources. We try to show the source as much as possible. Especially in reference to any medical or health related claims. Regardless we're quoting a professional or expert it doesn't mean that the information is correct, right, authorized, licensed, etc. Our words should never be used as advice or followed without first consulting a trusted professional such as a doctor, professor, expert, etc, who is licensed and a well recognized authority on the subject. We do our best to find the leading experts, doctors, scientists, professors, and professionals to assist, advise, and approve our actions, statements and services before we do anything or publish anything, and we quote them directly or in a way that doesn't change the meaning and impact, and include their name and reference. Also we've listed many of our primary sources in our full disclaimer for your convenience. To read our full disclaimer please go here

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