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Foreign language SPEAKING practice scripts!

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NOTE: Each day these scripts are replaced with new scripts.

Full disclosure:

These only work if you can read the language. We don't teach you the language. These scripts are for improving your ability to speak. Usually you'll become fluent within a few weeks to two months depending on how well you already know the language. Of course there are exceptions and this won't work for everyone. Try it for one week and see if it works for you.

Brief instructions:

Only takes 1 minute to read a script. Only do one script per day. At least 3 days per week. Read out loud with your mouth! It's okay to repeat the script several times. Focus on speed, not pronunciation, not on the meaning of the sentences. This is for improving ability to speak. It happens naturally. Usually you'll see dramatic results within 3 days. Some will see results within 2 weeks. Some will become fluent within 2 weeks. Some within a few months. It depends on how well you already know the language.

Thank you!

Come back to my blog everyday to read more articles and learn more about my scripts, the science behind my scripts, why my scripts work so well, and how to do it correctly, and so much more! I'm constantly adding more FREE gifts, bonuses, benefits, and rewards for you here at my blog. Thank you!

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Foreign language SPEAKING practice SCRIPTS! Here! At our website EVERYDAYEnjoy! ALWAYS free! YOURS!

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*Disclaimer: These results are not guaranteed, there are always exceptions, but the grand majority of our clients should expect to see many of these results or improvement in these areas or possible opportunities open up to you in these areas. You'll never know until you try; but please do so with caution, always consult a professional first. Anywhere that you see an asterisk "*" on this page means that this WARNING & DISCLAIMER applies to that statement. Thank you! Our claims are based on our own experiences in classrooms with our own students, universities, institutes, and private tutoring with students of all ages, globally (including New York, USA). And also are based on scientific research which we reference in our full disclaimer and in many of our materials, articles, e-books, etc, repeatedly. Especially any medical or health related claims. That doesn't mean that we're right, correct, authorized, licensed, etc. Our words should never be used as advice or followed without first consulting a trusted professional such as a doctor, professor, expert, etc, who is licensed and a well recognized authority on the subject. We do our best to find the leading experts, doctors, scientists, professors, and professionals to assist, advise, and approve our actions, statements and services before we do anything or publish anything, and we quote them directly or in a way that doesn't change the meaning and impact, and include their name and reference. See our many references in our full disclaimer. To read our full disclaimer please go here: (click here).