Parenting a Student For Better School Performance - ChatFellow Article #1556

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Parenting a Student

For Better School Performance

ChatFellow Article #1556

By Oche Maria Faustina

Published January 6, 2022
Updated January 12, 2022

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Help your child do better in school and beyond.

QUESTION: You're asking a very important question, how can you help your child do better in school?

ANSWER: The answer is simple, give your child the right tools. Just a few tools will make a huge difference. You shouldn't have to go it alone when parenting a child. There are tools and resources and support available. We are going to discuss at least one of these tools in this article.

This article discusses the following subjects:

#1).  Why Is ChatFellow Free?
#2).  You Don't Need Lots of Tools.
#3).  How We Talk Can Define Us.
#4).  It's For Professionals, Students, and Everybody!
#5).  Why Does Your Student Need ChatFellow?
#6).  How to Motivate Your Child to Do Home-work.
#7).  How to Make Your Child Score Higher in Exams.
#8).  Help them know what they cannot.
#9).  How Does Learning a Second Language Improve a Student's Performance in School?
#10).  The Ability to Speak It, Makes Learning It Much Easier!

#1).  Why is ChatFellow Free?

You probably don't think of the "act of reading" as being a tool. It absolutely is a tool! The very definition of a tool is anything that helps you accomplish the task easier, safer, and more effectively. The act of reading has been shown to improve a student's performance in school all across the board, not just in reading class, but in all other classes and aspects of life and even their future career!

Nearly every great leader, and influencer in history, industry, and human advancement has been a prolific reader. And it's no coincidence.

But that's not the tool I'm going to discuss right now...

You'll notice that I prefer tools that give improvement in all areas, all subjects of study, not just a few classes. But all of them. Math, science, reading, music, sports, history, speaking, social studies, and so on.

And on the student's exam score!

And more importantly, their attitude about school.

Yes, wouldn't you love it if your student loved school, loved homework, loved exams, loved excelling, and loved the thought of a bright future, top notch college, and best career?

#2).  You Don't Need Lots of Tools

The reason I prefer just one or two tools that give improvement in all those areas, instead of tools that only give you improvement in just a few areas, is because I love efficiency. I don't want to waste time, money, and years off my life. I want it to be fast. I want it to work (produce powerful and long lasting results). I love simplicity. If one tool, or only a few tools can give you all the results you need, why use more tools? More tools take more time, more money, and resources. And years off our lives.

The more moving parts you have in an engine, the more things that can go wrong. Even in language, we try to keep things as simple and short as possible. Nobody wants to read long sentences. Nobody wants to listen to a lecture. When we're chatting with friends, or even when writing an essay for an exam, we need sentences that get right to the point. Simplicity doesn't mean a lack of sophistication. In fact, simplicity can be a sign of eloquence and great intelligence.

As long as we're not losing any of the hallmarks of a good sentence, simplicity is a sign of genius. And we're not only talking about good sentences, we're talking about good paragraphs, good conversations, good speeches, good job applications, good interview answers, and so on. Many of these seemingly small things are actually a reflection of a much bigger picture, even life itself, even the universe, even our very lives.

#3).  How We Talk Can Define Us.

How we write will influence how we talk. And how we talk influences how we live our life. Psychologists have shown that emotions such as anger, doesn't influence our words, rather our words influence our emotions. The next time you're angry, say something nice, positive, supportive, optimistic, and see what happens to your mood.

And so, life in general can be the exact same thing as language, we can try to simplify it as much as possible without losing any of the hallmarks of a good life. The world is seeing an increase in the popularity for simplicity coaches who can help a person declutter their lives and get back to the basics. Sometimes we focus our attention on all the things that don't matter, and are distracting us from the things that do matter. Tools are the same way. We can have too many tools. We can have the wrong tools.

Making sure we only get the right tools, is a matter of having a productive life, or a cluttered life. Wouldn't we want that for our students? An effective life. A product life?

#4).  It's for Professionals, Students and Everybody!

The tool I'm going to talk about is called ChatFellow. It helps your child improve in all subjects in school, not only in language, but also in math, science, music, reading, writing, sports, and all others. And adults can use this tool also. And professionals. And teachers. Yes, even everyone. And all ages (except for minors need adult approval and supervision). Even the elderly! In fact, experts say the ability to speak a second language delays the effects of age related diseases in the brain! See the links to that research in our disclaimer.

And of course you want a tool that isn't going to cost a lot. It needs to be affordable. Well, ChatFellow is free! You can't do much better than that can you? And it's free forever! The reason it's free is because we want the whole world to have this tool. But we are a for profit business. We do make money from the professional version. However it's basically the same as the free version except for a few additional features that are unnecessary to get the results you want, which you get with the free version. Not everybody will get the same results, and some might not see any results, please read our disclaimer.

#5).  Why Does Your Student Need ChatFellow?

"Second language study benefits academic progress in other subjects... strongly reinforces the core subject areas of reading, [native] language literacy, social studies and math."(10)

"[Students taking foreign language courses] consistently outperform [other students] in the core subject areas on standardized tests, [in fact] often significantly!"(10)

"Students [who studied a foreign language]... surpassed national averages in all subjects! Especially in mathematics!"(10)

So many parents today complain about their child{ren} not doing well in school, and it gets them so frustrated and worked up, and they are always in search of solutions. If you are such a parent, I encourage you to read on because this will give you a new view of things you have been missing and things you should do.

This article is about parenting a student, and it will help open your eyes to some of the things you are missing as a parent or a guardian and how to improve and help your child or children do well in school. I encourage you to read on as it holds amazing discoveries.

Parents and guardians who are very fast at getting angry and upset when their child{ren} do not do well or are not doing well in school, are not alone, and there is help. The children are always blamed, and in some situations, the teachers or the schools as a whole is blamed for being incompetent. They are labeled with so many bad names and given negative criticisms.

Some parents even go as far as withdrawing their children from such schools just because they want to prove a point, and in most cases, these children still do not do well in their new schools and maybe even become worse.

Not that you fall under that category of bad parenting, I'm using these extreme cases to simply highlight the fact that parenting a child is not easy and can be very difficult in most cases, and this is why patience is needed, even with ourselves.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

When we're hard on ourselves, we tend to be a bit hard on the student. It's a true principle that we're better able to show love to others when we love ourselves. We can show greater love to our children when we show greater love to ourselves.

A little austerity perhaps is not a bad thing, but today in the kinder, gentler world we're trying to create, we're getting better at teaching through love rather than the punishment stick, and harsh words, etc.

#6).  How to Motivate Your Child to Do Home-work

Children are fast learners and, in most cases, will do whatever they are told in most cases. When you see a rebellious child, it is important also to look back to the home the child is coming from. A child who is treated with moderate love and attention will, in most cases, do as he is told or instructed; the parent or guardian need not stress about passing instructions. It is very easy to make your child do their assignment, and there are very few things you should put in place:

      #1).  Get Involved

Children love to have attention, especially that of their parents. Getting a home teacher might not work in most cases; they want you. They want you to sit there with them and look at what they are doing, possibly making corrections.

Image: Happy-56620
Children want to be praised and loved, and doing this gives you a sure path to their heart and listening to you is a go at all times, and the reason is that they feel safe and comfortable around you.

If you can shower a child with love, then asking them to do their assignment will be the easiest thing because they want to please and make mummy and daddy happy.

      #2).  Do not shout at them.

No child likes to be shouted at or unnecessarily scolded. Doing this will only make them cry and feel unsafe around you, and they would not want to do anything in your presence not to talk of assignment because you shout, and it scares them and sometimes leads to them not believing in themselves.

In a (1) video and (2) article which quotes or is by expert Pameli Li who talks about this subject in great detail, she mentions even more things you can do to motivate your child to do well in school. Here are some of her recommendations:

      #1).  Stop referring to doing homework as your child's “job”
      #2).  Don't tell your child, “you cannot play until you finish your homework”
      #3).  Don't use “no homework” as rewards.
      #4).  Do not nag, bribe or force.
      #5).  Let your child face the natural consequences.
      #6).  Do homework with your child.

This is a fabulous list! And I'm going to give you one more list in a moment.

#7).  How to Make Your Child Score Higher in Exams

This has to do a lot with the first one about doing homework but with a bit of difference. Many children are scared of exams and end up sick, which is what is called exam fever. They feel they are not ready or cannot do it, and this is where you as a parent or guardian come in. Constant encouragement is required. You need to help the child believe in themselves and see the possibilities surrounding them and their abilities.

Expert Debbie Pincus goes much further into detail about this, in her article (3). And she gets very specific in saying the parent should:

      #1).  Stay Positive.
      #2).  Incorporate the “When You” Rule.
      #3).  Create Structure for Your Child.
      #4).  Meet With the Teacher.
      #5).  Identify a Study Spot.
      #6).  Break Assignments Into Manageable Pieces.
      #7).  Be Firm and Consistent with Homework Rules.
      #8).  Be Aware of His Anxiety Level.

Clearly, there is a lot more that every parent can be doing, to make their job as a parent much easier, and the life of their child much easier, and more successful. Thankfully these experts are out there, writing articles, making videos, and giving coaching.

And many of these heroes, our heroes, who are showing us the way, helping us to help ourselves, helping us to be the parents we need to be, these heroes are in the school system, already, as the teacher. And school administrators. And government. And who produce the curriculum and teaching methods, and so on.

The world continues to get better, more enlightened, more educated, more expert as raising the next generations.

Our hopes are being realized!

Thank heavens for teachers and schools. And experts and support groups. You don't need to feel overwhelmed, there is so much support, and even if you didn't have all of this, usually somehow parents do a good job either way, children turn out pretty good either way, generally. After all, you became an adult, you're still making it through life somehow.

You're still pretty normal.

Maybe the reason we beat ourselves up so much is because we want our children to be perfect, their lives to be perfect, and then we look at ourselves, and obviously we're not perfect. And so we beat ourselves up. And then, in turn, we beat up our children when they turn out normal instead of perfect.

Maybe we need to strive for normal, or in other words reality, instead of perfection. And realize how good we have it. Nobody is perfect. Thankfully we live in a world where we don't need to be perfect! To have a good life, doesn't require perfection. Striving for a good career, to do well in school, that doesn't require perfection. You can do it.

The student can do it.

It doesn't require a person to be a perfect person, to get good scores on exams. Or else nobody would get good scores! Nobody is perfect. Sometimes the most important step to success is simply showing up at the door, knocking, and walking in. Doing it. Do the work. Do the studying. Do the home-work. Yes, I said that twice. And then do the exam.

#8).  Help them know what they cannot.

Let them know that the results of examinations do not define them, but still, they need to take them and not just take them but do well. You also need to make them know that doing well is not for anybody, not even you, the parent, but themselves.

It is also important to get them whatever resources or materials they need to do well in those exams. Ask them the things they need. Seek their opinions and not just make decisions or tell them what to do and what not to. Try meeting with the teacher of your child if it is possible. You as a parent have so much to contribute to how your child performs in an exam; do not threaten a child about grades.

#9).  How Does Learning a Second Language Improve a Student's Performance in School?

And how does ChatFellow ensure they'll be successful in learning that second language?

"Third-grade students were randomly assigned to receive 30-minute Spanish lessons three times a week for one semester. Students in the Spanish classes scored significantly higher [than other students]... in math... on the Metropolitan Achievement Test (MAT)."(4)

Most parents or guardians do not know or realize the importance of allowing their wards to learn a second language. It has been scientifically proven that learning a second language increases problem-solving, listening, and critical-thinking skills and all these are just what your child needs to excel.

"Positively" [increased] "intelligence... correlated with... learning of Spanish."(5)

"It makes them smarter."

These are not the only benefits; children’s ability in other languages also shows a sign of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility. Allowing your child to learn a second language makes them smarter, and smartness is well known to help a child’s performance in all areas of life, especially academics.

"students receiving foreign language instruction scored significantly higher on the average arithmetic"(6)


Image: fitness-balancing
Learning a second language gives them the ability to multitask. It helps improve the first language, sharpens their mind and improves memory, which means that a child who can speak a second language stands a better chance of remembering things before, during and after exams.

"[improvement in] reading, language, spelling, math computation, math concepts, math problem solving, and social studies after the first year [of studying a foreign language]."(7)

A good case in point are the third-grade students who I mentioned before in a quote a few paragraphs ago, they were randomly assigned to receive 30-Minute Spanish lessons three times a week for one semester, the end result being that the students in the Spanish class did better than other students... IN MATH!

The bottom line:

Learning a second language benefits academic progress in ALL subjects

"[Students who learned 2 foreign languages] showed [no] deficits in 1st-language development or academic achievement."(8)

"Did you know that studying a second language can improve your skills and grades in math and [your native language] and can improve entrance exam scores -- SATs, ACTs, GREs, MCATs, and LSATs? Which means... the stronger... your [ability] to succeed in school. And three years of language study on your record will catch the eye of anyone reading your job or college application."(9)

From the above, it is obvious that speaking a language would enhance learning in class and make assimilation much easier as learning stresses the child positively by making them think critically. And critical thinking does more than help in exams. Doing well in a language class aids better performance in Maths, music and other subjects.

Could you learn a language better, if you already spoke it? Obviously! Usually a student studies a second language for several years in school. What if, in their first year they were already speaking it? Do you think that would help them learn it easier, and better? Absolutely!

#10).  The Ability to Speak It, Makes Learning it Much Easier!

What if you could already speak the language, on day one of your class?

Most students never learn to speak the language. Students who already speak the language, perform very well on the exams, obviously. Even if it's only the reading exam and writing exam. They rarely do speaking exams in school.

However, being able to speak the language improves your ability to learn the reading and writing also.

And that's exactly what ChatFellow does, it gives you the ability to speak the language, very quickly. Very easily. Read our disclaimer about the fact that possibly not everyone will experience optimum results or any results. And it might not be easy for everyone. You won't know until you've tried! And so, start using ChatFellow today! It's free!

It's Not All Positive

In spite of the advances in education, and discoveries in human psychology, and parenting, and so on, we're still not there yet, in some areas. Especially this very industry, this very topic I'm discussing in this article. I mentioned this earlier: Almost 0% of students learn how to speak, they can only read and write the second languages they learn in school.

"Less than 1% percent of students are able to speak the second language they learned in school. That's less than one student in a hundred. Only one student out of every one hundred students, acquires [the ability to speak it]. And for the few students who acquired the ability to speak it while in school, they can't speak it well (less than 3% can)."(11)

Don't let this happen! There are other programs like ChatFellow, and if you can find one, that's great. Please use it. If you can't find anything better than ChatFellow, then use ChatFellow.

It's free.

Give all students that ability to speak their second languages that they learned in school. And even post-graduates. You're never too old to start brushing up on the foreign language you learned in school when you were just a kid!

Who knows, those cool phrases and words you learned when you were in school, might still be in there somewhere in your memory. You'll never know until you try! Start today! ChatFellow is free!


Parents and people willing to learn a second language need not look further as ChatFellow is here to help, and it comes at a free rate. To give your students, children or yourself a better performance in school or a good shot in life, ensure to focus on learning a second language. To do this, simply go to and select the FREE option
(Click here). Grab the opportunity to give your student or child a better shot at success.
Video about why ChatFellow works.


ChatFellow makes it possible to SPEAK the language of your choice, FAST & EASY and with PERMANENT results.*

It's just a bunch of scripts. Like a movie script. Each script only takes 3-MINUTES to read. And I recommend that you read one script every other day (3 days per week). That's just 9-MINUTES of reading per week!!!

Scientists have proven that your brain gets physically larger when you speak another language! And becomes disease resistant and slows the effects of aging!!!*

But until now, speaking another language was difficult, almost impossible, and not a long term permanent solution (before ChatFellow came along, there was no way to use your foreign languages regularly, and if you don't use it, you lose it, was the old saying about foreign languages, how sad and truly tragic)
You can have a mediocre and poor life or you can excel and have a prosperous life and ChatFellow can help you make the difference you seek. And the icing on the cake is that IT'S FREE!!! Start using ChatFellow, right now, it's here at our website everyday! It is free and can make your future success a reality, and for anybody you care about. Here at

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