Our Sad Story

Our Sad True Story

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 Our Sad True Story
Article by Ben Arnold
Voice by Jay Beacham

Last updated    2022-1-30
First published  2021-6-29

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In a few seconds I'm going to tell you my tragic story, how I stumbled upon these amazing scripts, and discovered that billions of people around the world were suffering needlessly, desperately in need of these scripts, which led me to start this company, for charitable purposes*. And why you should join me in this noble cause. Welcome to the "ChatFellow" family. We need you!!! And it's 100% FREE forever!!!

I've traveled all over the world, and noticed that poverty is everywhere. And everyone believes that education is the solution. I've seen parents who had nothing, spending thousands of dollars on their child's education. In hopes of that child getting a better life.

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In fact, I started out as a teacher. I was making more money than most teachers! And it was killing me slowly. Because the curriculum that the schools gave us, were not effective. But I didn't know that at first. I discovered this after many years, after teaching hundreds of students, and seeing them graduate basically illiterate.

All around the world, billions of students are graduating without the ability to speak the second language that they learned in school. English, Spanish, Chinese... it didn't matter.***

***Disclaimer: See the actual statistic and its source in my disclaimer at the bottom of this page;
according to expert investigations basically only 3% of students are able to speak the second language they learned in school, and the reason those 3% can is because their parents speak it in the home as a native language.

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Trying to produce results. In vain...

I've witnessed students as adults going back to school multiple times (college, institute, night classes, online courses, etc) and taking the exact same course, thinking it would eventually produce results. They were wrong! They thought the problem was themselves. They never suspected the problem might be the curriculum.

And countless students in their youth are given private tutors, an expensive cost paid for by their parents, and exhausting on the student because it's often late at night, to improve their exam scores. But learning to do well on an exam isn't the same as mastering the subject!

How many young first year doctors die of a heart attack during their first time operating on a patient at a hospital, because they crammed in Medical school to pass their exams, yet didn't learn anything? The statistics are alarming! (12)(13)(14)(15)

Learning to do well on exams is NOT the same as mastering the subject!


Most courses which help you do well on TOEFLE, IELTS, TOEIC, College exams, etc, are usually focused on the actual questions and answers of the exam itself, rather than the actual subject.

For example the English language has nearly a million
(1,000,000) words, yet the questions and answers of the exam covers maybe 20,000 words at most, and the courses focus on only these. They don't focus on the student acquiring the language, but rather to pass the exam! (16)(17)(18)(19)

I'm NOT saying that's a bad thing. Students must do well on these exams to get a better career, and better future. However, if you ALSO want to be able to SPEAK the language, you need ChatFellow which is 100% FREE forever

ChatFellow goes perfectly hand-in-hand with your school schedule and curriculum. While you're taking late night courses, tutoring, etc, to pass the exams, just spend 3-Minutes per day using ChatFellow. ONLY 3-Minutes per day!!! It won't get in the way of your studies at all! You won't lose any time, sleep, or money

If these billions of students and their parents had the goal of being able to speak the second language they learned in school, did they waste thousands of dollars, countless hours, and many years of their life time? NOT entirely, there is obviously tremendous benefit in going to school, and learning grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing.

It laid a solid foundation. Now they simply need to start speaking the language which is almost impossible to do in a classroom. And NO you don't need to travel to another country! Thanks to ChatFellow you don't need to travel to another country and immerse yourself in that language! You can do it right from your home
!!! And ONLY 3-Minutes per day!!! And it's
100% FREE forever!!!

Research has shown that only 3% of students graduate with the ability to speak fluently, and the reason those
3% can speak it is because their parents speak it in their homes as a native language... they learned it at home!!! NOT at school!!! And so, who is learning in school? Nobody? Less than 1% of the human population?***

***Disclaimer: See the actual statistic and its source in my disclaimer at the bottom of this page;
according to expert investigations basically only 3% of students are able to speak the second language they learned in school, and the reason those 3% can is because their parents speak it in the home as a native language.

Don't worry!

This story has a happy ending!!!

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I was in so much pain, that I began to desperately search for a solution. I wanted my students to get what they were paying for, the results they expected. I wanted the whole world to finally become fluent in their second languages. For those Billions of Dollars to NOT be wasted.

I wanted to cry when I learned that fact.

Because as a teacher I was perpetuating the problem. Every time I smiled at a student, taught a class, shook hands with their parents, showed up at school each day, I was demonstrating to them that I believed in the curriculum. That I believed in the system. I would collect my paycheck each month, and just kept smiling.

Producing zero results.

Those students would NEVER become fluent!

In fact, many nations are spending literally Billions of dollars, each year on their second language programs. Because they believe it will give their citizens a richer future. Did you hear me? That's $2 Billion dollars per year! That's just one nation! Each of these nations that are doing this, are each spending $2 Billion dollars per year!

What program are they buying?

Second language programs are costing these nations Billions of dollars annually. Some of these are nations that are considered 3rd world countries and are poor. They can't afford to be spending that much money! It's hurting their economy! And especially if they're getting zero results!

Sad truth...

I've mentioned all of the benefits you'll get by speaking another language fluently. It's not enough to just learn the language, you need to speak it, and it's not enough to just speak it, you need to speak it fluently! And my program gives that to you for FREE forever! Permanent results!!!

But the world is being denied those things! Because it's seemingly impossible to become fluent in another language. One study showed that the level of your ability can dramatically increase the results. Fluent is the highest level. And almost all children around the world are graduating at the lowest level. And most adults also are at either the lowest level or at zero.

Less than half of the world can speak a second language fluently.

Less than 13% can speak any more than that.

And then I found it!!!

I've told you about these scripts which gives you the ability to SPEAK the language, something that millions of people... are sacrificing so much of their life, their time, their hard earned money, to get what you have in your hands right now.

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Happy Ending!!!

Also known as "ChatFellow" this is the most amazing language tool on the planet! Because of all of those great benefits you get when you become fluent in your other languages.

Right now I'm going to tell you even more about these scripts, facts that millions of people are desperate to know, and they are learning these things now thanks to this information now being being spread online by millions people like you who came to this page and read what you're reading right now and told others about it.

For example they now know the fact that you're getting much more than the ability to speak another language. When you speak another language you're also getting health and long life. Scientists and experts have repeatedly said this (see our references and sources and disclaimer at the bottom of this page).

Also, you're increasing your opportunities in life.

For example:

#1).  Excitement! Self esteem!
Better career.
#3).  T
Higher salary!
More friends
#6).  H
#7).  Score Higher in Exams.
#8).  S
#9).  Improved Performance in School!
And more!!!!

What is the easiest way to start speaking a new language? And regardless whether you're a beginner, or advanced level student, or even an expert, and highly paid professional. The ANSWER is that you need to speak the language everyday.

There is a way to do all of that! With just 3 minutes per day! And for FREE! Thanks to ChatFellow! You can ensure that your skills are improving each time that you are speaking. Because sadly it's actually possible for you to do the exact opposite, and get worse, and lose your skills, if you're not having daily conversations (with ChatFellow it's FREE) and if you're not speaking in the right way (we show you how, for FREE). And you could forget the language entirely if you're not havin regular conversations! It's a scary but real fact of science! It only takes a few years to forget a language entirely (with ChatFellow you'll never need to worry about that ever again)!

Simply click where it says
FREE ChatFellow... or... if you want a much more professional version (especially for students, professionals, and anyone who wants all the additional features and full support to ensure you get the fastest results possible) click where it says PRO ChatFellow.

FREE ChatFellow
PRO ChatFellow

*Disclosure/Disclaimer: Although we give away a FREE version of ChatFellow we do have a PRO version of ChatFellow which normally costs $185 but is not necessary because our FREE version gives you everything you need to start speaking any language fast, and permanently. The very thing for which you came here. And we're happy even if you only use the FREE version forever and never get the PRO version (to see a more detailed disclosure and disclaimer please go to the bottom of this page and also see the link there for our full disclosure and disclaimer). We do advertise for other related companies and products as well. And some unrelated.

Now back to your article...

You don't want to spend your LIFE (so many years in school and post graduation) and all your hard earned MONEY on learning a language just to NEVER be able to speak it! Isn't that the unfortunate outcome for most people? Yes! Tragically!!!

Also, you don't want to speak it everyday and yet NEVER improve! Right
?!!! These are unfortunate TRUE stories for almost everyone.*** I don't want this to happen to you!

Right now you're asking several questions in your mind:

Why is ChatFellow Free?

Why/How ChatFellow Works?

Why Do Students Need ChatFellow?

Actually EVERYONE needs ChatFellow!!!

You probably don't think of the "act of reading" as being a tool. It absolutely is a tool! The very definition of a tool is anything that helps you accomplish the task easier, safer, and more effectively....


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"Students... had surpassed national averages in all subjects! Especially in mathematics!"(10)

Image: Burst.shopify.com fitness-balancing
Learning a second language gives them the ability to multitask. It helps improve the first language, sharpens their mind and improves memory, which means that a child who can speak a second language stands a better chance of remembering things before, during and after exams.

Video about why ChatFellow works.

Who knows, those cool phrases and words you learned when you were in school, might still be in there somewhere in your memory. You'll never know until you try! Start today! ChatFellow is free!

Simply click where it says FREE ChatFellow... or... if you want a much more professional version (especially for students, professionals, and anyone who wants all the additional features and full support to ensure you get the fastest results possible) click where it says PRO ChatFellow.

FREE ChatFellow
PRO ChatFellow

See all of our references and sources at the bottom of this page, followed by our disclaimer. Thank you for reading! Please visit us everyday!

Thank you for visiting everyday!

You're AWESOME!!!
"We're always here for you!"
"Contact us anytime!"
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*See our DISCLAIMER at the bottom of this page (down below)

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