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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Career
By Ben Arnold (ChatFellow)

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#3 Never Get Fired

Want to stay at your job? Want a raise? I'll say it again: The next time you worry about the competition, realize that the competition is dying: Yes, it's a fact that "91% of millennials plan to stay at one employer for less than three years." Your employer obviously wants everybody to stay around longer than that. Well, if you're one of those who can pull their own weight for more than 3 years and you've already reached that 3 year mark, you're probably set for life. (4)

Avoid Politics

"According to research published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences, the desire to climb the corporate hierarchy stems from an innate need for power and control found in all humans. As a consequence, cliques and factions arise, especially around those contending for the corner office." (6)

"If you want to get ahead, avoid unhealthy alliances and personal conflicts with other employees. Treat all people with respect and courtesy." (6)

NEVER go over your boss's head. Even if your boss is wrong and you're right, never go over your boss's head to his/her boss. One man who did exactly that, said the following: "Much to my surprise, the reaction was an official black mark on my company record and a profanity-filled lecture from my boss." This employee separated from the company shortly thereafter and eventually came to the conclusion that he, the employee, had made a mistake, not the boss. "After considerable self-analysis and feedback from friends and family, I realized that [I should've done things differently]." (6)

"Kerry Hannon, career expert and author of Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness, advises: “Reframe it into what you learned from that experience, not why it was a bad thing.” Turning the story into a blame game is often less than professional. “Don’t blame them, and don’t blame yourself — just say it wasn’t a good fit,” says Hannon." (12)

Understanding your boss's perspectives helps you understand how important you are, how to help your boss, and how to get on the good side of your boss. Often you can avoid being fired by having open communication with your boss. If your boss feels that he/she can approach you and have an open conversation, most problems can be fixed before it comes to the point of being fired.

Get In With Your Boss (make him/her a part of your circle)

"Consider having several mentors [like how] a CEO works with a board of directors." (6)

CEO's surround themselves with other leaders. This team of mentors is almost invincible. If you surrounded yourself with mentors, you'll be unbeatable. Especially if your boss is one of those mentors; one of the people you choose to be in your circle or you're in his/her circle. You've heard the old saying, "success comes not by WHAT you know but by WHO you know."

Now you're in the know. Because the people who know everything now tell you. When bad or good things happen, you'll know first before anybody else. Because the people at the top have your ear. That gives you opportunity to be more prepared, make changes, take advantage of opportunities before it's too late. Especially if you're about to be fired because of the way you're doing things, you'll know first, and so you'll be able to make a change, talk to the right people, and not get fired.

One way to make your boss a part of your circle is to always do a good job, of course. Be noticeable. If you're just like everybody else, you won't be noticed. Make sure that your work stands out. And as I mentioned before, toot your own horn. Let your management know what you've done. Find ways that make sense for you to announce to them what you've done. Simply give them updates and progress reports. That's not the same as bragging. When you use more technical methods for communication, such as simply calling it a "report" makes it more professional and acceptable.

Managers and Bosses Want It

They'll be happy that you're keeping them in the loop on the important things. Sometimes management have a disconnect with everybody. Just like how celebrities and politicians can sometimes fall out of touch with reality and don't know what's going on in the real world because they've been in a bubble (only hanging around rich people and trapped in certain buildings) for so long. And it's usually not what they intended. Management and bosses want to know what's going on, what everybody is thinking, and to have totally open communication with you. But most humans are terrible at communication. It might be their flaw or yours, or both. They want to communicate more. And sometimes it requires that you speak to them instead of them speaking to you. Speak up more.

Don't Be Their Friend

I'm not saying that you should try to NOT be friends with your boss. I'm saying that you should be loyal, interact, but without getting too close. To quote a good friend, Louie Carrillo, a very famous man who attributes his rise from rags to riches with his ability to interact successfully with his leaders, "familiarity breeds contempt". (24)(25)

What that means is that you're more likely to have a shouting match with your friend than you are with a total stranger. You're more likely to be rude to your friend than you are a total stranger. Why did Alexander the Great kill his best friend? Because his best friend felt it was okay to offend the Emperor. Because they were friends. So it's okay, right?

Well, even a dear friend could throw a sharpened spear at the abdomen of a dear friend. But especially when the friend is the Emperor. Don't make the Emperor angry, even if he/she is your friend. Especially if he/she is your boss!

Stay away from such situations, such opportunities, by maintaining a healthy distance.

There are other ways that we can set ourselves up for failure. One particular way that we can destroy our careers is by falling into the rut of a bad employee. It's easy to let things slide a little. It's easy to do something that might make us look like we're somebody we're not. We've all had that day when we unknowingly did something that made other people think we're an idiot, or lazy, or worse.


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But what's worse is when we don't even know it! Maybe everybody is thinking that about us, and we don't even know it! Because we know we're awesome people. We know we're not lazy. We know we're not idiots. But does our boss know? What is everybody else thinking about us? Are we oblivious to everybody's perspective about us? Are we oblivious to what's really going on around us?

Here's one manager's perspective on bad employees and firings:

"Your bad employees only represents 1–10% of your work force, yet they demand 80% of your time and attention." And "in their own minds, they often believe they are all heroes and not zeros. They will often be oblivious to the numerous signals and signs around them, to the warnings, the dirty looks from their co-workers and even to written reprimands." (18)

That's what the manager thought about the problem employee. That the problem employee was oblivious to the fact that he/she was going to get fired. That the problem employee was oblivious to the fact that he/she was performing poorly on the job.

He also said that "[managers] are often told by HR to deal with the problem employee with progressive discipline and extremely detailed documentation. Accurate documentation, showing a clear pattern of poor behavior, disobedience and incompetence is your best defense against the problem employee." Because the boss and company is fearful of a lawsuit. "Bad employees can and will fight for the job they apparently had little interest in, while working there. They can and will go to a State or Federal agency to file a bogus claim for discrimination, or wage fraud, or some other thing that didn’t happen." (18)


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We need to keep our radar going. We need to pay attention to the world around us and the thoughts and minds of those around us. Do they really like us or are they just giving us lip service? Sometimes our bosses act like they love us, and then suddenly we're fired. It requires telepathy to know everything that is going on around us. It's not easy to see reality.

There are many ways we can jeapordize our careers.

What About Starting a Business On the Side?

"Millions of employees work hard for the companies that hired them but hope to launch their own side businesses one day." (23)

In an article(23) by successful entrepreneur Chris Porteous he gave some tips for how to have a side hustle without getting fired:

#1). Make sure your contract says a side hustle is okay.
#2). Don't neglect your day job.
#3). Know how it will interfere with your schedule.

What To Do If You -DO- Get Fired!

If you've ever watched US President Trump's old TV Series "The Apprentice" you've probably felt what it might be like to get fired. But don't worry, getting axed doesn't mean it's the end for you. "Business icons like Steve Jobs(13), Anna Wintour (basically the CEO of the fashion world)(14), and Oprah Winfrey(15) were all famously fired at some point in their career." (12)

And Oprah is still taking over the world! She hasn't stopped!

According to an excellent "Glassdoor" article(12) if you're fired you should:

1. Ask The Right Questions
2. Negotiate The Terms Of Your Departure
3. Check if You Qualify for Unemployment Benefits
4. Reach Out to Your Network
5. Start Brushing Up Your Resume
7. Have Faith In Yourself

But look at #1 on that list and you'll note that the first thing you should do is communicate with your boss, "ask the right questions" which I believe should focus on "how do I keep my job" rather than "why am I being fired."

Here is the top reason people get fired: "You don’t meet the required performance standard." (19)

Really the only way to overcome this issue is open communication with the boss. The boss will let you know if you need to improve. Ask for help. Ask what he/she thinks you should do better. And do it. Ask for an evaluation on your progress, not your failings, and ask for leniency and time. Ask them to have an open mind and to look for alternatives to firing their best employee. "If your boss knows you are looking to change the situation, he/she might be able to offer more support and help you get through the tough times at work." (19)


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"One of the more modern reasons for being fired is social media conduct. Alarmingly large numbers of people seem oblivious to the fact that you shouldn’t start dissing your employer or customers on social media." (19)

"Keep Social Media and Work Separate. Even if you hate your job, keep it to yourself. Don't post your discontent on social media, because chances are, the wrong person will see it. That, in and of itself, can cost you your job." (21)

Another main reason people get fired is their inability to interact appropriately with others. Here are a few secrets by LifeHack(20) on how to get along with people when you feel like shouting:

#1. Know what triggers you and learn ways to stay calm – deep breathing, walking away or squeezing a stress ball.
#2. Master the “stop phrases” – These are the respectful ways of drawing boundaries.
#3. Don’t get sucked into the arguments – Know when to simply walk away and stop justifying or defending your position.

Complaining and Gossip

Also, very important, "nobody likes complainers. One way to stop complaining is to practice gratitude. Tell yourself how lucky you are to have a job that many people would kill to have. You will immediately start to see the glass half full!" (21)

That goes right along with playing politics; complaining is basically doing the same thing. You know you should never talk bad about people. It's okay to let management know when there's a problem, but try to be as positive and cheery side about it as possible. Look at the constructive side of things. Constructive criticism verses negative criticism.

There are many ways to jeopardize our careers.

Hopefully I've mentioned all the ways we can jeopardize our careers. Because by knowing these things and avoiding these things we can further solidify the longevity of our careers.

There are many ways to insure (using insurance as a metaphor) our careers.

I also listed several things that we SHOULD BE DOING in our careers. For example open communication with everybody around us. These are hopefully the things that if we do, will overshadow all others and will guarantee longevity in our careers, as well as promotions, increase in income, more options, more benefits, and so on.

When All Else Fails.

When keeping your job simply isn't feasible, and it isn't always, take the time to prepare for a job search and plan your departure. That way, you're not scrambling to find a job because you just got terminated. But be sure you have secured a job before quitting, if you can. In fact, research shows that it’s much easier to find a job when you are employed. (21)

  *  *  *  *  *

#4 Enjoy Your Career

  *  *  *  *  *

Maybe It's Too Late

It's NEVER too late! Even if you're already in the middle of your career, or just starting out, or near the end of your career, this advice is for you. I might be saving you many years of wasted time. Because we can often change the story of our lives, and it's best to do it earlier in the story. But we can change things even at the end. There's never a better time than today!

Understand Human Nature

One way that I've improved my life's story is to understand myself, or in other words, human nature. Or in other words psychology. If we don't understand what makes us happy, or even more important if we don't understand what our most likely actions and reactions are going to be, thereby being unable to predict exactly what we're going to do in our life and the likely outcome, we won't make the necessary changes. And so the outcome will be exactly what it was always going to be. We can change that story! You can change that story! It's your story. Want control over your story?

Your Job Is Already Awesome

If your job is already awesome, I'm going to tell you few things that will make it even MORE awesome. If your job is hell, take hope, because even the worst job in the world can be the most enjoyable job in the world. Look at soldiers on the battlefield. How often do you see soldiers return from war and still want to stay in the military? They love the military life!

Some even loved the battlefield. And even Even while they complain everyday (most people complain about their jobs even the greatest jobs in the world) they still never quit. Why is that? What is it about the worst jobs that make them so enjoyable?

And of course you want to retire early regardless (keep reading, in a few minutes I'll tell you why you should retire early and various ways you can make it happen).

What is Your Legacy

One of the aspects I like to focus on is how you're going to feel about your job when it's over. What are you going to tell people about your job that's going to make it satisfying not only to them but more importantly to you. "When you are presenting a rocky employment situation to others, Kerry Hannon, career expert and author of Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness, advises: “It’s always reframing it into what you learned from that experience, not why it was a bad thing.” (12)

"Career progression rarely occurs as quickly as we would like, and big companies have big bureaucracies that sometimes react slowly. However, the best-managed organizations, regardless of size, do ultimately correct their course. Exhibiting patience early in your career can pay off significantly later on." (6)

"Participate in Company Activities. Being active in company social events, sports teams, and sponsored charities exposes you to more people who can help you on your climb to the top. Whenever possible, do favors for other employees without any expectation of a quid pro quo. Over the course of your career, you never know who might help you with a recommendation, introduction, or valuable advice." (6)

"Offer to Help. One of the best ways to get (or keep) job security is to volunteer for new initiatives, to offer to help with projects, and to take on more responsibility. Doing so will also benefit you – the more you take on tasks outside of your comfort zone, the more you will learn and grow." (21)

Don't Complain

And I know I already mentioned this in the previous section, "nobody likes complainers. One way to stop complaining is to practice gratitude. Tell yourself how lucky you are to have a job that many people would kill to have. You will immediately start to see the glass half full!" (21)

Learn from your mistakes and grow

"Limit my self-pity and disappointment and instead conduct a thoughtful analysis of disappointing situations: What went wrong? What were the causes? What had I done right? What had I done wrong? What steps could I take to avoid a repeat incident?" (6)

"Ambition is a double-edged sword. Brandished with reason and restraint, it can spur you to efforts and achievements you never dreamed possible. However, when unfulfilled, it can leave you feeling bitter, empty, and alone." (6)

Maybe You Shouldn't Quit Yet

I mentioned that I could possibly save you from wasting many years. Primarily I was talking about those particular individuals who are going to quit after a few years anyways and so why waste another two or more years at that particular job or profession when you could move on and start a new life, a new career, gaining new experience, gaining more credentials at your new job?

However, is any experience, no matter how bad, actually a waste? Even my worst jobs, worst experiences, gave me something. And, I was alive. I was living life. I had some good things happen. And sometimes it's good to kill time. Because even if all we doing is passing the time it's still possibly getting us to where we hopefully need to be.


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For example, professional women who climb the ladder quicker than men, and become CEO or at the top, at only the age of 40, or somewhere around there roughly, then look around and realize they're not happy. Should they have NEVER started that career? If they could get in a time machine, would they go back in time and change anything? Should they? (25)

Maybe You Should Quit

"Why would a person in their right mind do this." (25)

Psychology Professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson explained that some women ask this question after arriving at the top of the corporate ladder. They realize they're working 80 hours per week, not living life, for a ton of money that isn't bringing them happiness. They already have everything they want. A nice house, nice car, benefits, education, possibilities and options open to them, prestige, retirement, experience, but they want children. (25)

Men And Women

And not all women fall into that category of course; there are always exceptions. And also men can experience the same thing. Some people are perfectly happy not having marriage, children, and so on. It can also depend on which stage in life they're at; maybe they're too young to start a family yet. There are a million variables and exceptions to every scenario. Which is why I say everybody should follow their own voice.

But the original question is, should that man or woman have quit their job 10 years earlier? Rather than arrive at that point where they've climbed the tallest mountain in the world and survived while most didn't, just to quit? Was it a wasted 10 years? I say no. But...

I say that everybody should follow their own voice.

All of us, when we look back we realize we could've gone another way, done things differently, had a different life. All of us. But some of us then say to ourselves, I'm happy I went the way that I did, because either way, either path, I lived life, and gained great experiences, met people, things that I would never want to give up.

Most of us gain something regardless which path.

If ever I found a time machine, I wouldn't go back in time and change anything, because of the people I've met, the gains I've made, the person I've become. And I've had some pretty rotten experiences! Death, prison, and so on. Sure I would love to go back and undo some things, but not at the cost of losing the people I've met and gains I've made, and person I've become.

But somebody might choose to go back and change things.

Time machines don't exist. And we might think that's unfortunate. But maybe we're lucky they don't exist! Who knows. But I do know that people usually are who they are, and will do the same things over again when put in the same situation twice. Sure, we learn from our mistakes, many things we change, but who we are at our core, the direction of our heart, is who we truly are. That part of our soul seemingly doesn't ever change. Our likes and dislikes. What we love and hate.

We each have our own path. Nobody can know which path is the right one. Luckily it seems in most people's cases that usually regardless which path we choose it's still a life worth living. We always seem to get something great out of life even in the worst of situations.

I say we should follow our heart because that's who we are, and be thankful for the lives we had regardless all the other paths we could've chosen that might've been better. Never regret the past, change the future, start today. Because we cannot change the past. Why dwell on it? We can change the future. But to change the future we must change it today.

Or in other words, do you want to arrive at the pinnacle of your career in 10 years, realize you hate where you are, and quit? Or would you rather quit today? How can you know if in 10 years you'll be happy or miserable? It's simple.

You Have a Time Machine

It's called wisdom. Looking at everything around you, all the people, all the knowledge, all the history, all the information, all the data, all the experiences, all the technology, all the science, and tools at our fingertips, how can you NOT know the future? And... you certainly know the past. YOU are the time machine. YOU can change history! Because history is being made right now, by you, and you are who chooses what happens in the future.

I'm telling you, many women eventually want children, a husband, a family. That's not my fault. I'm sorry if that upsets the feminists. Deny nature, deny science, deny reality. But if we want to change the world, we can't do it by living in fantasy land. NOT all women. We're all different. Not all men will wish they'd started a family instead of choosing a solitary profession, when they finally reach the pinnacle of their career. Not all humans are the same. But most are. In some things we most certainly are and we can usually discover which profile we fit, with a little research and self-evaluation.

Evaluate yourself right now.

What type of person are you. What are your likes and dislikes. You might not know it but these factors often determine the outcome of your life based on the decisions you're going to make. If somebody offers you pizza, will you accept it? Most of you already know what you're going to do in that situation. If somebody offers you a million dollars, are you going to accept it?

You Already Know

Most of you already know what you're going to do in these various situations. Because you already know a lot about yourself, your likes and dislikes, your limitations, your strengths, your weaknesses.

If somebody proposes marriage to you, are you going to accept it? If somebody asks you to cheat on your spouse, in which scenarios would you say yes? Most humans can be predicted when you know their personality, their likes and dislikes, their limits and thresholds.


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Now that you know all of these things about yourself, where do you think you'll want to be in 2 years from now? In 5 years from now? In 10 years from now? Here's a true story: A teenage told his mother that he wanted to be an astronaut. So she wisely showed him a video of a documentary about the life and career of an astronaut. She was excited.

She was happy that he wanted to be an astronaut.

But... AFTER watching the video he immediately told her that he no longer wanted to be an astronaut. And I've heard that same scenario played out for various children concerning various different careers. We often think we want something and later find out that it wasn't something we want.

Do You Really Want It? How Would You Even Know?

How can we know we'll like it if we've never done it before, seen it before, touched it before, tasted it before, and so on. And also, how do we know what the outcome will be? Some astronauts fail, get fired, become famous for doing the wrong thing, something we call infamous, and so on. Some careers end in the most horrific tragedy and regret. Life is serious. That's why I wrote this article and think it's important that we think about things before we do them.

I Think You Know

You already know if you want a family. You might already have one. Everybody knows the basics of what they want and don't want. And often you're basing your decisions on information you already have and you're probably not going to get anymore information beyond that for the present time. And so you can't possibly make a different decision, because you won't have different information until it's too late. And so, follow your heart, base your decisions on the information you have, and that's probably the best that any of us can do. And so, don't worry about it too much. If you've already done your homework, that's awesome. Because that's the best you can do.

Learn Psychology and Other Things.

You might already be a psychologist. You might already know everything. But if you don't, please learn about humans. Find out what makes humans happy. Because you're human and it might apply to you. Are you going to be happy in 2 years, 5 years, and 10 years? Find out now! Because YOU are a time machine. You can change the future.

Enjoy Your Career

This section was supposed to be about how to enjoy your CURRENT career. And I've talked about how to change where you'll be in 2 years, 5 years, and 10 years, or rather whether or not you should change it. And whether or not you should change your current career. And at least one extreme way that you can do that: Quit. But then I reiterated that maybe you shouldn't quit, and that maybe you're on a good path even if there were others that maybe were better. That you should be thankful for the path you're on, enjoy it, and not regret it.

One of the most powerful ways to enjoy something you hate... is to change your perspective. Perspective in my opinion is what dictates attitude. To change attitude, we need to change our perspective. Some people hate poop. Why? Because they have a preconceived notion (perspective) about poop. They think poop is filthy. That it ruins their day. That it tastes awful. That it causes disease. And so on.

But What If Poop Is Healthy?

If that person worked at a poop factory and looked around and noticed that other people were falling into poop, accidentally getting it in their mouths, all over their bodies, twenty times per day, and even the guy who fell into the poop swimming pool and climbed back out, is still alive, then that would certainly change a person's perspective on whether or not it was a dangerous substance.

Farmers pour it all over our food everyday!

Change your perspective and you'll start to enjoy poop even more. And hell. And anywhere else you find yourself. Search for new perspectives. If there's somebody out there on the battlefield smiling, ask him/her why. Try to discover their perspective. And acquire it for yourself. If somebody is shooting up the corporate ladder, they're obviously loving their job, or doing something right. Ask that person why. Why are they so driven, so happy, so successful. Acquire their perspective. Acquire their why.

Article Continued on Page 3

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