What are these scripts? - ChatFellow Article #1407

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What are these scripts?

ChatFellow Article #1407

My program's name is "ChatFellow". It's just a bunch of scripts. Each script only takes 1 minute to read. And I recommend that you read one script every other day (3 days per week). You can do this daily but there's no need. Simply do it every other day, or every few days. But make sure you do a minimum of 3 days per week.

Literally worth Millions of Dollars!!!

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Why is ChatFellow worth Millions of Dollars?

This is literally a $1,000,000 (One Million Dollar) tool. Because millions of dollars went into the creation of these scripts. To guarantee their quality and effectiveness.

I can't go into much detail but as you've probably already recognized that each scripts is composed of materials from a conglomeration of books, magazines, speeches, news, and movies. The reason we use these various sources rather than create our own is because those materials have been proven by an audience of millions of people who have verified the high quality of these materials.

The authors, editors, testers, producers, directors, actors and even the audience have all put their money into the creation and perfecting and evaluation and publishing of these materials.

In fact, millions of dollars have gone into many of the movies, the books, the magazine articles, and so on, for the cost of editors, testing, countless revisions, and final publishing of these materials. And the audiences have voted with their money and have either launched the success or failure of these various movies, books, magazines, and so on.

We have only chosen the ones that were the most successful. Furthermore, we are very selective. We only choose materials that were written by female authors, produced by female producers and directors, and so on. We chose materials that talked about real world issues.

More characters and people speaking, groups, is what we focused on the most. We gleaned in only the conversations. No documentaries. Very few news reports. And we demanded that the content needed to be up to date. No historical fiction. And we tried to use conversations that didn't have too much humor and needless puns, slang, and vulgarities. And so we used very few sitcoms, TV Shows, etc.

Mostly we focused on younger adult type fiction and only those that were the most popular and had been made into movies and were successful both in print and on the large screen, with audiences of all ages and especially with intellectual, academic, and all professional groups among the populace. 

And we compiled them all into one, and used scientific methods for reshaping and reordering the sentences and sentence structure. And so they're mostly unrecognizable as to the source of the sentences.

And so our scripts don't form a story or any context that's recognizable or comprehensible for the most part. This ensures that the brain automatically and naturally focuses on speed rather than the meaning of the sentences.

And when possible we've used real world or reality shows and movies and books that utilize actual conversations from real life. 

Otherwise, we use real conversations as they were in movies which were shown to live audiences and the actors were real people and the directors and producers and the editors and testers and critics and revisers and audiences were real people.

Which further verified that the sentences were modern, up-to-date, acceptable, popular, successful, and a very real influence on real life. Many movies and books in fact have influenced real life and set the precedence for new words and phrases that later were in fact adopted by dictionaries and academia and became a part of the actual language. It's no secret that movies and books influence the culture and direction of entire nations.

Why has nobody else ever done this before? Well, in fact, academia in the classrooms has always used movies and books as part of their curriculum and are quoted constantly all throughout typical lessons and school manuals and text books.

However now it's becoming more common place thanks to the advent of more complex copyright laws which allow certain materials to be used, and the prevalence of new norms and traditions surrounding the publishing of manuscripts and release to the public and new type of marketing methods by producers and authors to get their work into the public domain for promotional purposes and so on.

Now you can acquire almost any manuscript online and it's usually an open copyright. There are always exceptions and we only use manuscripts that have an open copyright i.e.- the authors and producers etc have said in the copyright that anyone can use their manuscript for any purpose both commercial and otherwise.

If we discover that we've used materials that are prohibited we immediately apologize and remove it and investigate how we made the mistake and adjust our company's search and acquisition methods so that it doesn't happen again.

Each year we get better and better at finding higher quality materials and our scientific methods improve as more and more scientists are doing research and trials concerning the human brain and communications and languages etc and publish their findings for us to apply to our methods.

Our scripts will continue to improve, look nicer, be more effective, and produce greater results. And hopefully they'll also become easier however it's hard to imagine that anything could be easier than our scripts already are! And faster! Requiring less time to use. And produce results faster.

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I've told you a SECRET that millions of people...

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Millions of dollars ($1,000,000..) went into the creation of these scripts to guarantee their quality and effectiveness. Read more, here: https://chatfellow.blogspot.com/2018/12/what-are-chatfellow-scripts.html
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