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What is ChatFellow?

What are Speaking Scripts?

If you have ANY questions about anything, CONTACT me anytime! Read this entire page. And all pages at this BLOG. They'll tell you more and more about me, our programs, the SCRIPTS, and everything else. It might take a few days to read everything, go slow, there's no need to hurry. You'll be using our SCRIPTS everyday for the rest of your life. No hurry. You'll be fluent very soon, very fast, easy, and permanently, forever! Fluent forever!* 

Your FREE scripts are right here!

FREE scripts are right here:

*Not everybody experiences the same results. Most of our clients experience dramatic results. It might not happen for you, try it and see, and if you have success then please continue using our program forever! Thank you! 

Each day these scripts are replaced with new scripts.

We have experts from around the world: Professors and alumni of some of the world's most prestigious universities, Accent/Speech professionals, even Hollywood voice talents, NY Broadway performers and more, all on our team!

This page will tell you ALL of my SECRETS for using these SCRIPTS correctly. Keep reading!

We'll discuss the miraculous health benefits and life changes that you'll receive by using these SCRIPTS in the articles that I post everyday at this website. Please visit everyday!

Our SCRIPTS only take 3 minutes to read. I'll give you the full instructions on this page, how to use the SCRIPTS correctly so that you get the BEST results, IMMEDIATELY and PERMANENTLY!

Also, we have a video channel on YouTube if you want to watch some of our videos. Our videos say the same thing you're reading here on this page.

URGENT: Even if you watch those videos, please come back and read this entire page. You need to read this entire page! Thank you!

If you want to see our videos go here:

Here in this video somebody trying to read the KOREAN SCRIPT for the first time! Just one example of our many videos (we're uploading more, more are coming, stay excited)! And more languages are coming!

Trying to read the KOREAN SCRIPT for the first time:

Click on the STOP button when you're done watching, or else the sound maybe will keep going.

The SCRIPTS are here on this website. We are ChatFellow. This website is our blog. Each day these scripts are replaced with new scripts

IMPORTANT: If you have NOT read this entire page, please do, it has important INSTRUCTIONS for how to use YOUR ChatFellow SCRIPTS correctly. So that you can effectively get the MAXIMUM RESULTS you desire! And more...

Our SCRIPTS are 100% FREE unless you want the SUPER PACKAGE which costs only $189 and comes with the SPEAK WITH EASE program by a Speech/Accent professional. The SCRIPTS and the SUPER PACKAGE are the exact same thing! The SUPER PACKAGE simply has a few added features and benefits. For those who don't have money or want the FREE version, it's right here on this page! Simply follow the link we give you on this page. But before you do... you need to read this entire page... unless you've already read this entire page.

If you have NOT read this entire page...


Full disclosure:

These SCRIPTS only work IF YOU can read the language. Then they'll do everything we promised!* Of course there are always exceptions in life. These SCRIPTS might not work for everyone. However, according to our experiences with REAL STUDENTS in our classrooms around the world and online and offline, MOST people will get the RESULTS we promised!* IMPORTANT: We don't teach you the language. These scripts are ONLY for the improvement of your ability to SPEAK. We don't teach you grammar, vocabulary, etc. Usually you'll become fluent within a few weeks to two months DEPENDING on how well you already know the language (grammar, vocabulary, years of experience, etc). Of course there are ALWAYS exceptions and this won't work for everyone. Please try it for one week and see if it works for you. It's FREE forever!!!

**See our "Disclaimer" at the bottom of this page.

You're having a real conversation!!!

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Yes! It's REAL!

Only 1 minute per day! You're having a REAL conversation! Or just 3 minutes per week! You'll be talking instantly!* These scripts were made from REAL conversations. Although it's with yourself... this is a REAL conversation!

Literally Millions of dollars went into the creation of these scripts! To ensure their quality. Thousands of experts from around the world have collaborated to create these scripts! You'll never get to have conversations this "rich in content" anywhere else but here at ChatFellow.

ALL famous speakers improve by reading other famous speaker's speeches (scripts). ALL famous politicians improve by reading other famous politician's speeches (scripts). ALL famous musicians improve by playing other famous musician's music (scripts). ALL famous speeches, music compositions, celebrity and professional orations, etc, use others as their foundation.

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DO continue going to school! This program is also for STUDENTS and ADULTS! And PROFESSIONALS. And MOTHERS. And PARENTS. And ANYBODY else! EVERYONE! ANYONE! And ALL ages!!!* Don't use our scripts as an ALTERNATIVE. No! You should do both! Learn in school, or however you normally would learn a language, and then ALSO use our scripts!

Why not do both?

Do both!

One of the greatest benefits of using our scripts is that you'll do better in school! You'll notice that your exam scores are improving! But if you're an adult or non-student, or professional, or anyone, these SCRIPTS are for YOU! These scripts are for EVERYONE, not only STUDENTS. Yes! And ADULTS also! ANYONE!

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In fact, scientists have shown that developing your speaking ability in a second language even improved student's EXAM scores in MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE, all seemingly completely unrelated subjects! You'll see improvement ALL across the board! Other classes! Other subjects! Because your brain will literally be STRONGER! FASTER! HEALTHIER!*

Even if you're NOT a student...

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Or you're a PROFESSIONAL, non-professional, PARENT, ADULT, regular person, ANYONE, EVERYONE, whoever and whatever YOU are, you'll see improvement in MANY different aspects of YOUR life, YOUR FAMILY, or as an individual, YOUR CAREER, relationships, FRIENDSHIPS, opportunities, success, travel, FINANCES*, and health!* Literally live longer!!!* Have a better life!!!

Here are 4 things you'll NEVER do ever again:

NEVER forget the language ever again! Are you forgetting? Or have you already forgotten the language? Never again! These scripts are designed to maintain your language level (or bring it back if you lost it) and raise your level even higher! Up to near fluent, native, or fluent!

NEVER need a conversation partner ever again! You don't need anybody else but you! These scripts are designed to replace the need for a conversation partner! You are your best partner!

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NEVER spend money ever again on your language development! Our scripts are FREE forever.

And yes, you absolutely MUST continue using our FREE scripts forever! However, we recommend that you also continue learning the language (vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and so on). Which is something ours scripts all alone CANNOT give you. Our scripts are ONLY for developing your SPEAKING ability.

At least until you become what academics call a MASTER or "phD Doctor" you should continue using OTHER education methods such as university courses, reading books at your public library, taking private and public classes, tutoring, online courses, reading magazines, watching movies, travel to other countries, meet with language exchange groups, online and offline, get a pen pal, and many other language enhancement methods and programs. 

However, these days there are so many resources that are FREE and so if you don't want to spend money you really don't need to anymore! Some universities even offer FREE classes to the community! In India and around the world there are universities designed to be almost FREE.

NEVER waste more than 3 minutes per week on your language development! Of course we're ONLY talking about your SPEAKING ability. We can't give you vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension. You'll need to learn those somewhere else. Possibly in school or some other program.

Please DO school. But don't do it twice! With rare exception you should NEVER need to take the SAME courses over again! But I see everybody doing it! Yes! It's a true story! Taking the SAME courses over and over again is in my personal opinion one of the greatest fallacies (major tragedies) of human society (many experts will agree that communication is among the most important aspects of human existence). Students graduate, and then realize they CANNOT SPEAK the language, and so they go back again and again taking the SAME courses thinking they missed something. No! You didn't miss something. Those courses in school usually don't focus on SPEAKING ability. That's why you NEED my scripts!!!

OBVIOUSLY we WANT you to go to school. We want you to take OTHER courses in school (vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, etc). Because we can ONLY help you with your SPEAKING ability. And... if you've already taken vocabulary courses, grammar courses, comprehension courses... you don't need to do those course again and again and again! Do the next level, sure, advance to the next level, sure. But eventually you arrive at the final level and you still CANNOT SPEAK! That's why you should do BOTH! Do school and use my scripts also!

You SHOULD continue your education, whether at schools, universities, institutes, private tutoring, online programs, an amazing career, or world travel, lifelong experience, and so on. 

Whatever you think you need.

There are many FREE resources and there are also many FAST courses and programs and schools that will teach you what you need very quickly without wasting much time and money. We recommend school. And institute. Tutoring. Online courses. Traveling to other countries. Or anything else you can do. But make sure you're also using our SCRIPTS! Do both!

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Now It's YOUR Turn...

Now it's your turn to become as good as the professionals at speaking!!! You get to do all of the speaking 100% of the time during ChatFellow conversations!

You're also the listener: Your ears are hearing everything you say!

You get to perform every role, you're every person! Every role!!! That's a very powerful opportunity!!!

These now are YOUR scripts!

**See our "Disclaimer" at the bottom of this page.

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It only takes 1 minute to read a script. Only do one script per day. We recommend that you don't do this: daily but it's your choice, you can if you want (we do supply you with daily scripts) but it's risky because you might get tired or burned out. And so, it's better to just try and do a minimum of 3 days per week. We recommend that you read a script only every other day or every few days (do at least 3 days per week).

Read out loud with your mouth! That's the most obvious instruction. And, it's okay to repeat the script several times (but is unnecessary).

Only 3 rules!

There are only 3 simple rules:

Focus on speed, NOT on pronunciation, NOT on the meaning of the sentences.

#1).   Focus on speed.

#2).   NOT on pronunciation

#3).   NOT on the meaning of the sentences.

What About Pronunciation?

That's right!!! Don't focus on pronunciation! You should've already learned the language somewhere else before you start using my scripts. You only need a basic understanding of the language. You should've learned pronunciation in other classes or when reading a book on the language at your local library. A few weeks at a library or in a class, etc. If you can read the language, you obviously already learned the language, and are now just wanting to improve your speaking ability. Wherever you learned the language you obviously should've already learned pronunciation. Even just a basic understanding is all you need. That's good enough. So that you can read these scripts at a normal pace. And of course your pronunciation will improve as you practice speaking (reading my scripts), however, if you focus on pronunciation it will slow down your speaking speed. Speed is very important when reading these scripts. Focus on speed, NOT on pronunciation. Your pronunciation will improve automatically and naturally without you needing to focus on pronunciation. Just read these scripts, focus on speed, NOT on pronunciation, and everything else (such as pronunciation) will improve automatically and naturally.

Meaning of Sentences...

And don't focus on the meaning of the sentences. NOTHING will slow you down more than trying to understanding the meaning of the sentence. And speed is vital!!! You will learn the meaning of the sentence some other time in your life. Most of what you'll see in these scripts is difficult to understand. These are advanced level conversations. You'll obviously naturally acquire some learning when reading these scripts but that isn't the purpose of these scripts. Don't do it intentionally! If you're slowing down to translate these sentences, you're DEFEATING the purpose of these scripts (one of the purposes of these scripts is to allow you to learn to speak the language in only 3 minutes per week, it'll take you many HOURS to translate and interpret these scripts so DON'T do that, only focus on speed, and only read the scripts, don't focus on meaning). You should learn comprehension in a classroom, in a book, NOT these scripts. The purpose of these scripts is to improve your ability to speak, NOT your comprehension skills.

You'll learn more about the "why" and the reasons and science behind my scripts when you're reading my books and newsletter. Don't worry about it right now. Simply follow these rules and your ability to speak will improve dramatically.

Those are very simple rules! Not always easy to follow. But do your best to follow them! You'll get better and better at following those rules the more you practice following them.


These rules are for improving your ability to speak. Improvement happens automatically without you even realizing it! Improvement happens naturally without you even realizing it! Just do it (the rules) and you'll discover that you're suddenly speaking faster, smoother, better, and awesome after a few days. And you'll continue experiencing those same results more and more with each passing week. For best results please obey those 3 simple rules!

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Usually you'll see dramatic results within 3 days! Some will see results within 2 weeks. And if your goal is to become fluent you'll most likely see improvement in fluency within 2 weeks. Some within a few months. It depends on how well you already know the language.


Your FREE scripts are right here:

Yes! Congratulations!

And Thank you!

Please come back to read your ChatFellow blog everyday to read more articles and learn more about my scripts, the science behind my scripts, why my scripts work so well, and how to do it correctly, and so much more! I'm constantly adding more FREE gifts, bonuses, benefits, and rewards for you here at your ChatFellow blog. Thank you!

Your FREE scripts are right here:

Your  Super Package!

It has finally arrived!!! Everyone is asking me what is the Super Package? First of all, The Super Package is totally unnecessary! You DONT need the Super package. The Super Package costs $189 so DONT click here if you don't have money! You DONT need it. Because our SCRIPTS are already YOURS and totally 100% FREE forever! Only get the Super Package if you have lots of money and want a few additional benefits. Do you want to spend money?

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This isn't just practice! It's not speaking practice. This is actual SPEAKING!!! These are real conversations! These are true SPEAKING SCRIPTS!!!

This is the FINAL LEVEL in your progression in linguistics!!! You NEED our FREE ChatFellow SCRIPTS. And the SUPER PACKAGE helps you to stay committed to using the ChatFellow SCRIPTS regularly and permanently. You can stay strong even without the SUPER PACKAGE but it certainly helps! Even if you only use the FREE scripts and never get our $189 SUPER PACKAGE, we still welcome you to the family! Here are the FREE scripts! Congratulations! Go here now:

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Foreign language SPEAKING practice scripts!

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Here are your
ChatFellow SCRIPTS!

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Each day these scripts are replaced with new scripts.

"Contact me anytime!"
--CEO Ben Arnold


*Disclaimer: These results are not guaranteed, there are always exceptions, but the grand majority of our clients should expect to see many of these results or improvement in these areas or possible opportunities open up to you in these areas. You'll never know until you try; but please do so with caution, always consult a professional first. Anywhere that you see an asterisk "*" on this page means that this WARNING & DISCLAIMER applies to that statement. Thank you! Our claims are based on our own experiences in classrooms with our own students, universities, institutes, and private tutoring with students of all ages, globally (including New York, USA). And also are based on scientific research which we reference in our full disclaimer and in many of our materials, articles, e-books, etc, repeatedly. Especially any medical or health related claims. That doesn't mean that we're right, correct, authorized, licensed, etc. Our words should never be used as advice or followed without first consulting a trusted professional such as a doctor, professor, expert, etc, who is licensed and a well recognized authority on the subject. We do our best to find the leading experts, doctors, scientists, professors, and professionals to assist, advise, and approve our actions, statements and services before we do anything or publish anything, and we quote them directly or in a way that doesn't change the meaning and impact, and include their name and reference. See our many references in our full disclaimer. To read our full disclaimer please go here: