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Speak ENGLISH more like a LOCAL NATIVE and professional! ACCENT Reduction, PRONUNCIATION Coaching, and more!

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About your new coach:

Suzann Grabina is a licensed SPEECH PATHOLOGIST with New York State and the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. This SPEECH PRONUNCIATION course was tested and taught at the Borough of Manhattan Community College branch of the City University of New York where Professor Grabina was a TENURED instructor. She studied with the renowned Dr. George Kopp of Wayne State University where Ms. Grabina was granted an assistantship.

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Speak With Ease
Your Speech Improvement Program!

Speak ENGLISH more like a native and professional! Accent Reduction, Pronunciation Coaching, and more!


This course goes FAST!!!

ONLY 7 MINUTES per sound!!!

This program teaches you how to do each sound necessary to pronounce English correctly!

There are 39 lessons. Each lesson is organized around one speech sound. The speech sound is explained and practiced in sound combinations and words. There is also a nonsense paragraph that is repeated to the rhythm of "Mary had a Little Lamb". This rhythm will help you recognize the syllables on which the emphasis should be placed. Each lesson has a corresponding audio track that you will use with that particular lesson.


There are 15 vowel sounds and 24 consonant sounds. This might sound confusing since there are 26 letters in the alphabet. But the 26 letters of the alphabet become the 39 sounds.

Personal Coaching...

Before beginning these lessons, it would be helpful to familiarize yourself with the introductory chapters entitled: "Important Suggestions", "A Relaxation Exercise" and "An Articulation Exercise".

BONUS sections:

There is also an Appendix Section which includes:

#1).  Vocabulary: Latin and Greek root words.

#2).  Speech sounds which are often substituted for each other.

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Why YOU need my program:

It doesn't take long for you to use this program and be finished. All you do is listen and repeat. It's that simple! EASY! And it's vital for correct pronunciation. ACCENTS are simply sounds that natives makes. When you make the same sounds, you sound native!

My way is FAST!

This is the FASTEST way to align your sounds to a native's natural sounds. Without mastering these particular sounds of the unwritten vowel and consonant sounds, you might NEVER get it right! DONT let that happen to YOU!

You'll be SPEAKING like a NATIVE speaker!*

*During our own REAL classroom experiences with REAL students EVERYONE experienced results. And so we're certain that ALL of our clients will experience results with rare exception. The level of results is dependent on various conditions as can be expected. We're CERTAIN that you will be satisfied!

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