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.INSTRUCTIONS: How to Correctly Use ChatFellow Scripts for Optimum Results!

Full disclosure:

    #1).  These only work if you know how to read.
    #2).  You need to already have at least a basic understanding of the language.

    If you don't already know the language, even the basics... don't worry, you can learn the basics of the language very quickly by studying it for a few weeks at your public library.

    FACT #1: ChatFellow scripts appear as GIBBERISH or BACKWARDS or WRONG however that's exactly what they're supposed to look like. They are seemingly CONVOLUTED and STRANGE and ILLEGIBLE and UNINTELLIGIBLE. You are intentionally meant to NOT be-able-to understand what the scripts are saying. That's because if you could understand the story, you would slow down to enjoy the story. It's a common human trait and flaw. We slow down when we can understand what we're reading if it's a good story and something new. You CANNOT afford to do that!!! You MUST read FAST!!!

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