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.INSTRUCTIONS: How to Correctly Use ChatFellow Scripts for Optimum Results!

Full disclosure:

#1).  These only work if you know how to read.
#2).  You need to already have at least a basic understanding of the language.

If you don't already know the language, even the basics... don't worry, you can learn the basics of the language very quickly by studying it for a few weeks at your public library.

FACT: ChatFellow doesn't teach you all aspects of the language. It focuses primarily on the SPEAKING part. The other aspects of the language (vocabulary, grammar, etc) need to be learned on your own, or at school, at the public library, or using some other program, tutoring, etc.
ChatFellow scripts are for improving your ability to speak. Usually you'll become fluent within a few weeks to two months depending on how well you already know the language. Of course there are exceptions and this won't work for everyone. Try it for one week and see if it works for you.

Brief instructions:

Only takes 3 minutes to read a script. Only do one script per day. At least 3 days per week. Read out loud with your mouth! It's okay to repeat the script several times. Focus on speed, not pronunciation, not on the meaning of the sentences. This is for improving ability to speak. It happens naturally. Usually you'll see dramatic results within 3 days. Some will see results within 2 weeks. Some will become fluent within 2 weeks. Some within a few months. It depends on how well you already know the language.

Thank you!!!

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