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--- Section One ---

Please jump down to Section Two to see our disclosure and disclaimer concerning our products such as ChatFellow language scripts, and our websites promoting our products, our materials, e-books, and everything else.

NOTE: Section Two can also be considered as part of Section One and what's said in both sections applies equally to all aspects of our business, blogs, products, and activities and so on.

The following is our disclaimer and disclosure concerning our blogs, articles, and everything else:

The purpose of our blog is to post informative articles about various issues. Each blog is usually dedicated to only one or a few topics. We have several blogs, one for each specific topic (usually not more than a few topics) that we discuss in the articles found at that blog. And this disclaimer and full disclosure applies to each of our blogs, articles, and everything else.

However we occasionally articles that are off topic. And we do have guest writers. And sometimes our articles are focused on our products that we sell, or we allow guest writers to discuss their own products. We usually say in the article itself whether or not it's our own product, or a product we're affiliated with, and whether or not we're biased and profiting in any way from any of the subjects we're discussing. It's safe to assume that we're biased in all of our articles and benefiting in one way or another from what we're discussing. For example one of our purposes is marketing, we're trying to grow our readership and also sell products.

We don't claim to be the authority or expert on any of the subjects we discuss. We constantly quote others who supposedly are experts and we do our best to ensure that the people and sources that we quote are the leading experts and authorities and that what is being said is correct, reliable, and true. But we're not perfect and mistakes can be made. We always try to make that clear in our articles that much of what we say is opinion and we could be wrong, etc. Also we provide ample references and cite their work. We usually have no way of knowing if their work is trustworthy or if their claims are true. However we do our best to verify and scrutinize every source that we use. But there are no guarantees aside from the fact that we do our best. There could be mistakes. We could be wrong.

We try to impress that fact on the minds of our readers. And so, if we make the mistake of sounding like we're an authority or the expert, we're sorry, especially if it seems like we're asserting that we're right, when in fact most of what we say is just opinion, not fact. If we make it sound like we're the authority or expert, we're sorry for that occasional slip and it wasn't our intention. Also, we know full well that the experts and authorities who we're quoting might also have made a mistake and might also be wrong. And if so, we're also sorry for their sake.

We try to acknowledge that it could be wrong, constantly, in our articles whenever we say something that we believe is a fact. We try to make it clear that we don't know everything. And we always direct our reader's attention to our disclaimers and full disclosure and other legal notices and warnings. If we fail to do so it was by mistake and we consider it to be a serious error and we try to never make that mistake and are constantly getting better at making our readers aware of the dangers involved and risks they are taking when reading our materials, using our products, taking our advice, and so on. We usually try not to give any advice but rather our opinion, and so we use these warnings, and disclaimers to try and correct that mistake, making everyone aware that they should only follow the advice of professionals, experts who are legally license, certified, and authorized by the appropriate governing authorities.

Also, everything we say rarely reflects the opinions and intentions of others, organizations, people, companies, nations, entities, etc who we mention or discuss.

Usually if we have somebody's endorsement or full approval and support we'll almost always mention that when mentioning that person or organization etc. And so if there's no mention of an endorsement or their full approval, it should be naturally assumed that they don't know about our mention of them. And that they don't approve. And that permission has not been given. And that our opinions are our own, not theirs. The use of third party material, the discussing of third parties, and so on, etc, is discussed more fully in Section Two of this document.

We don't talk on behalf of any other organization, company, people, etc. Everything we say is true to the best of our knowledge, and might not be true. We do our best to verify that it's true before we discuss anything, but mistakes happen. There may be omissions, errors, and so on.

We're not experts.

We're not professionals.

Except where mentioned otherwise.

Anything we say, this blog, our articles, and even our products and services shouldn’t be seen as any kind of advice, such a medical, legal, tax, or other types of advice.

Our products and services usually contain their own disclaimers, warnings, full disclosures, legal notices etc. Most are located in Section Two of this document. Please always read them. We always ask our readers and everyone to read this document. It's always clearly stated at the top of our websites, most of our materials, any articles where we think we're discussing subjects to which this document pertains, and so on.

Everything you believe, do, or follow is at your own risk. Always consult with professionals such as doctors, accountants, attorneys, etc before believing, doing, following anything we've discussed. We try to say this in the actual content of most of our articles, products, materials, and so on.

We are directly and indirectly associated with various corporations (for-profit businesses, retailers, advertising companies, charities, and so on; some of which we personally own and are ours including the products and their manufacture) and much of what we do is profit driven and biased thereby (we have charitable objectives as well, and do some charity; however we don't claim to be a charity and we are a for-profit business and we pay full taxes as a regular business and we demand the same of our partners, beneficiaries and benefactors, investors, employees, and everyone).

We've included a list of some of those corporations, our partners, associates and so on... at the bottom of these pages that you're reading right now. And we'll add more accordingly as we partner with more companies and remove those who have moved on. We'll update this list as often seems reasonable.

We're not an MLM or pyramid scheme however we do deal regularly with affiliate marketers and sales people both professional and free lance and entry level beginners and we solicit to people to do sales and advertising for us, and we do occasionally sell and promote products that are produced and sold by MLM companies. However while we speak highly of certain MLM companies we don't usually recommend anyone join those companies as an affiliate etc. We don't promote that type of opportunity and income. Because it's usually very difficult and takes many years to succeed and most people don't succeed in MLM companies. And we don't promote any get rich quick schemes and we don't usually promote MLM opportunities.

For example we pay our sales people through commissions that are based on our company's overall projected profits generated by product sales, not recruitment. And we don't make them pay any fees, any membership fees, or any amount of money. And we place emphasis on soliciting to friends and/or family. In fact we usually discourage that typical MLM practice. Because first of all we think the MLM methodology is severely flawed in several critical areas. And that solicitation to friends and family is one of them. MLMs usually don't allow advertising and so we believe that they're self-limiting and eventually hit a cap that's actually quite low, concerning their market penetration and growth capabilities and that hurts even their successfully affiliates ultimately.

If you see any advertisements on our blog, we are most likely profiting from those ads. And so we're biased and have reason to present those ads in a favorable light. Our statements concerning those companies and their products is biased and not entirely objective.

Privacy policy: We don't save anybody's information except for your email address if you send us an email or give your email address to us. Please, never give anyone your bank information or any personal information. We never ask for your bank information. We never ask for your personal information. We might ask for your email address, that's it. And we don't share your email address with anybody. We only use it for replying to your requests, and for sending you our products and services but only after you've asked us to do that.

If you purchase a product from us, we use PayPal and other payment processing companies. Please verify that you're indeed at the right website and dealing with that actual company, such as www.PayPal.com before you give them any information. Any missing letters or misspellings can lead you to a criminal website.

Don't give your personal information to anybody unless you're certain they are who they say they are and only if they're accredited, authorized, and governed by the appropriate government authorities and agencies. Even then there may be risks, for example phishing, hacking, identity theft, theft, or much worse, and so on. Use extreme caution in all transactions regardless.

Our products, articles, messages, and advice isn't always good for everybody and there's always dangerous exceptions. Make sure you always consult with experts and professionals before beleiving, doing, and following anything that we discuss. What works for us, and for some people, might not work for you. Especially concerning medical issues, financial issues, and all issues and subjects and all things that we could possibly discuss, any advice, and so on. We could be wrong, in your case, and you could be at serious risk of terrible things happening.

Financial advice is something we're not legally authorized to give, and so we always quote other sources when discussing such issues. We cannot guarantee that the sources we're quoting are legally authorized, as their licenses and certificates and authority may have expired, or changed, and so on. Always consult with experts such as accountants, tax lawyers, business experts, and professional financial advisers who are licensed and certified whenever you're considering or doing anything related to business and finance. We're not authorized, licensed, certified, or allowed or approve by any governing authorities and agencies to give advice on financial related matters. You believe, do, and follow anything we say at your own risk. And we constantly recommend you seek expert and professional advice from somebody else first.

The images and anything else we use, quotes, and so on are used with permission as far as we know, if anyone wants us to take something down, or an apology, or compensation, please contact us immediately by email: BigConversation@Zoho.com whenever we use something that might belong to somebody else and is unauthorized or unapproved. We try to use our own materials, images, quotes, etc however sometimes we might mistakenly use something that we thought we had permission to use when in fact it was given to us by an unauthorized third party fraudulently or unknowingly.

Much of what we do is for the purpose of marketing, in trying to grow our readership, clientele, and so on. We're trying to sell products. And we're trying to become famous. And we're trying to make connections with everyone who is anyone, especially celebrities and successful authors and personalities, because of the hope that they will bring more readers and customers to us. And we're trying to do so in every country around the world. We are full tax payers and we demand the same of our readers and clients and partners and affiliates and everyone. We constantly ask that everyone obeys the laws where they live, where they do business, and so on. And all other laws that apply and whichever nations are applicable.

Respect all nations.

Respect all people.

We try to be ethical, moral, honest, law abiding, and obedient to all rules, regulations, policies and so on. We ask that our readers, clients, partners, associates, friends, followers, fans, and everyone else does the same.

We don't like spam and so we don't do spam. If anything we're doing is annoying people, we do the best to remedy the situation. We obey the rules and regulations and policies everywhere we go, whether online and offline, through email, social networks, other platforms and tools, communities, and so on.

We constantly demand the same of our partners. Everything we ever say in our disclaimers, disclosures, and legal notices etc we also demand of all of our partners, associates, and everyone.

--- SECTION 2 ---

Concerning our products such as ChatFellow language scripts, and our websites promoting our products, our materials, e-books, and everything else:

#1)   Full Disclosure.
#2).  Can you share, steal, copy, sell any of our materials etc?
#3).  Is anything here yours? Copyright infringement...
#4). We are not licensed, doctors, legally...
#5).  We are not authorized...
#6).  Our Scientific Research Sources and References.

#1).  Full Disclosure

-At first, you'll be speaking by using scripts, not on your own.
-You'll need to already know how to read in that language.
-We don't teach grammar, vocabulary, or anything else.
-These scripts are just for practice speaking, not learning.
-Results will only be permanent if you continue using our scripts.

#2).  Can you share, steal, copy, sell anything on this page?

You are welcome to share our product and website and information with others (be sure to remember where you got it and and always use proper attributions so that you're not held responsible for accidental copyright infringements). Please share, copy, or send, or hand our product, website, and information to all of your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, anyone! Or simply give them the link. Thank you so much!

#3).  Is anything here yours? Copyright infringement...

If you would like credit for anything we've posted or used in our materials if it belongs to you please contact us to get proper credit and compensation or to have it removed and an apology from us immediately.

#4). We are not licensed, doctors, legally...

We are not licensed, we're not doctors, we're not professors, and we're not legally approved by any governing authorities, FDA, Securities (SEC) and Regulatory agencies, or any other agencies that protect the health and interests of the citizens of each nation. We don't always use professionals in everything that we do. Anything you do, pay, believe, say, or receive because of us, or in direct relation to us, or with us, or by us, is at your own risk, could be illegal, and you could lose all of your money, get fat, get sick, lose mental function, develop a disease, or die. The information in our materials, books, advertisements, websites etc is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. Statements made pertaining to the properties or functions of nutritional supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA. If you have a medical problem or symptoms, consult your physician. User assumes all risk of use, damage, or injury. You agree that we have no liability for any damages. We are not liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect, or special damages. You indemnify us for claims caused by you. Statements pertaining to financial matters have not been evaluated or approved by the SEC or other agencies that protect investors and consumers from fraud etc. Statements pertaining to educational matters have not been approved by any organizations authorized to issue licensing and certifications to educators etc. We've done our best to check our sources and references to ensure that they come from approved and authorized and licensed and certified entities. We don't claim that they are and you're ultimately responsible for doing your own research and verification before following any advice or believing anything we've published. We've given you fair warning that we could possibly be wrong, misguided, misled, and that this information could be false and harmful or cause injury and loss or worse.

#5).  We are not authorized...

We do not claim to be authorized, affiliated with, nor approved by any of the companies, organizations, persons, groups mentioned or quoted on this page, or things we discuss, quote, talk about, reference in our articles, including the Mormons, also known as the LDS Church, officially recognized as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and their leadership, their President the Prophet, and all his counselors, the Twelve Apostles and all other officials and affiliates of that religion and church and organization and governing body and all their members, clergy, missionaries, staff, and employees, the Book of Mormon and all other materials, scriptures, prophecies, revelations pertaining to the LDS Mormon religion, church, and organization and they had nothing to do with these articles and have not seen, nor approved of these articles or anything else found at this website, our products, services, and so on. And neither do I claim God as our source nor the Holy Ghost nor any other as our source nor approving authority nor do I claim that the Godhead authorized or approve of anything we've done, said, written, offered, presented, published, distributed, and so on. I have quoted scripture and many of these organizations, persons, companies, entities that I mentioned here and yet however they've not approved of that and I cannot guarantee the source or that they indeed are quoted correctly.

#6).  Scientific Research Citations Quotes References:

"Language learning makes the brain grow, Swedish study suggests" by Lund University (October 8, 2012), Swedish Armed Forces Interpreter Academy, reasearchers measured student's brains before and after the language training.

Johan Mårtensson, Johan Eriksson, Nils Christian Bodammer, Magnus Lindgren, Mikael Johansson, Lars Nyberg, Martin Lövdén. Growth of language-related brain areas after foreign language learning. NeuroImage, 2012; 63 (1): 240 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2012.06.043

Also, see article by Alison Macky (September 4, 2014), professor of linguistics, Georgetown and Lancaster Universities...

"the left inferior parietal cortex is larger in bilingual brains than in monolingual brains (Mechelli et al., 2004)" Article by Dr. Pascale Michelon(Feb 26, 2008).

"ways the brain accepts information and tags it could lead to new, more effective ways for people to learn a second language" Arizona State University (19 December 2013).

Noah Zarr, Ryan Ferguson, Arthur M. Glenberg. Language comprehension warps the mirror neuron system. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2013; 7 DOI: 10.3389/fnhum.2013.00870

"bilingual people can hold Alzheimer's disease at bay for longer"  by Alok Jha (February 18, 2011), science correspondent...

"delays dementia" by Dr. Thomas Bak, a lecturer at Edinburgh's School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences... (test subjects were monitored from 1947 until 2010)

"[learning a foreign language] will make you smarter, more decisive and even better at [your own native language]" by Anne Merritt, EFL lecturer, see http://annemerritt.com/

Just some of the many famous organizations that reduce learning materials by up to 80% to reveal only what's actually needed and gives you faster results: Readers Digest, The Blinkist app,

"language will change the structure of your brain, make it more efficient, at any age" Researchers from Penn State Univ., article by Victoria M. Indivero (November 12, 2014)

"You can learn a language fast and permanently" see book by Tim Ferriss "Fluent Forever: How to learn any language fast and never forget it" and his articles: "2 Rules for Learning Foreign Languages in Record Time" "How to learn any language in 3 months" "Why language classes don’t work: How to Cut Classes and Double Your Learning Rate" "How to Learn (But Not Master) Any Language in 1 Hour" (June 20, 2017). Tim Ferriss has been listed as one of Fast Company‘s “Most Innovative Business People” and one of Fortune‘s “40 under 40.” He is an early-stage technology investor/advisor (Uber, Facebook, Shopify, Duolingo, Alibaba, and 50+ others) and the author of four #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, including The 4-Hour Workweek and his latest, Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers. The Observer and other media have called Tim “the Oprah of audio” due to the influence of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast, which is the first business/interview podcast to exceed 100 million downloads.

See more of the science behind our method, and the original scientific sources our claims in our materials and advertising etc... here:


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