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Why You Need to Speak A Second Language

English, Spanish, Chinese, and many other languages are now the dominant languages spoken on the planet. Everybody on the planet speaks one of the 15 most dominant languages on the planet
(with few exceptions). If you speak those 15 languages you can be understood by almost 7 billion people, that's almost everybody on the planet!
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Of course, everybody has their own preferred language. Those dominant languages are not always their first and preferred language. One of the major problems we're facing in a global environment is that NOT everyone speaks those languages well. ChatFellow's primary purpose in life is to change that fact and make global communication better and a reality for all 7 billion people on the planet.

Here are examples of some of the top languages spoken on the planet (English, Spanish, Chinese, etc):

Of course everybody knows about English which is the most spoken language on the planet, however not everybody who speaks English can speak it well. ChatFellow is trying to change that fact and help everyone who knows English to be able to speak it fluently. And for those who don't know English, we give them more interest and motivation in learning, because now it's possible for anyone to learn and speak English almost immediately!*

*Of course there are always exceptions but we've experienced that most people are capable of reading and using our ChatFellow tool and able to get the results we promise.

Spanish is the top 3rd most spoken language in the world, knowing how to speak Spanish will enable you to reach over 500M+ people globally. [212]

France is the fifth biggest economy in the world. And ranked as the 3rd best location for foreign investments. Some of the world's top universities like HEC are in France. Speaking French opens the doors to companies not only France, but also Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and Africa where French is spoken. And French companies are found all over the world. [212]

Out of these three languages German can earn you the most money if you work for a corporation. Germany is the home to some of the top corporations in the world. [212]

Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, and not just in China! There are many nations that speak Chinese. And large Chinese populations all around the world. Several of these Chinese speaking nations including China are the fastest growing economies in the world. [212]

Benefit #2
YOU will be more popular! Everyone will say you're a genius! And treat you better! Yes! Your friends and everybody will respect you more!

Also, aside from getting a job, you can make more friends if you speak a second language. It's always surprising how courteous and excited people are when they discover that a foreigner can speak their language. Here's a video showing exactly that type scenario:

"Wait, You Speak Chinese?!!"

The brains of bilingual people operate differently than single language speakers. Here are some of the benefits:

#1).  Makes you a good multi-tasker. Multilingual people make fewer errors when driving! [224]

#2).  Delays age related mental illnesses! [224]

#3).  You can remember directions, names, and shopping lists even better. [224]

#4).  Better at observation, more focused on what's relevant, and recognizing and ignoring misleading information. [224]

#5).  Make decisions that are more rational. And more confident in your decisions. [224]

#6).  Makes you better at languages, even your own native language, a more skilled communicator, and listener, and better at determining meaning. [224]

But what worries me is does it change you?

There was an article about this questions: Does it change your personality? As it turns out, “Learning a foreign language changes you forever.” [227]

An article I read recently explains this "linguistic bipolarism" and how they discovered it. After doing a lot of research the author discovered that yes, language changes your personality. And that you can switch back and forth according to which language you're using, but that your multiple languages also affect your over-all personality as well. [227]

But it could also be because the cultures that speak that particular language are different. It could be merely a matter of culture rather than the language. It's a very interesting article. [227]

Soon our computer devices and smart phones will translate everything for us. We don't need to learn another language anymore. Right?

And everybody is learning English, soon everybody will speak English and there won't be a need for other languages. Right? [300]

Well, aside from the health benefits, there are many other important reasons why we still need to learn and speak multiple languages.

And aside from the fact that an accent makes James Bond seem more cool and sexy, speaking a second language actually does make a person smarter.

Language also seems to affect the culture of the society that speaks it. Making them different, unique, and wonderful. If we all spoke the same language, our cultures might blend and lose the qualities that made them so wonderful.

Learning another culture's language, helps you learn the culture. And culture is definitely something we want. Culture doesn't just define us, it's a form of education that makes us wiser and opens our minds and helps us develop in more ways than we can ever count.

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